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Episode TitleSpecial Episode 1
Air date2017-12-30


My Golden Life Ep 35

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  • Rong-rong

    fak fak

  • Ronald Harrington

    What in the name of all that is holy is this crap on my screen!!!!!!

    • Zehba

      With major broadcasting networks being busy with special year-end shows around this time, several variety shows and dramas have been canceled for the weekend.
      For MBC, “Money Flower” and “All Broadcasts of the World” are canceled due to the 2017 MBC Drama Awards airing on December 30. The December 31 episode of “Man Who Sets the Table” is canceled as well. To prepare for the 2017 MBC Music Festival being held on December 31, “Music Core” will be replaced by a special episode of “Insolent Housemates.”

      For SBS, “Bravo My Life” and “Little Too Crazy” are canceled due to the 2017 SBS Entertainment Awards being held on December 30. “Inkigayo” will not be airing on December 31, and “My Ugly Duckling” will most likely be canceled as well due to the 2017 SBS Drama Awards.

      KBS will not be airing normal episodes of “My Golden Life” and “The Unit” this weekend. They will be replaced by special year-end episodes instead.

      On the other hand, “2 Days & 1 Night,” “The Return of Superman,” “Infinite Challenge,” and “Master Key” are still airing this week.
      Source: soompi

      • DyingtobeinKorea


        • Zehba


      • Gidget Lim

        Happy New Year 🎊🎈🎆
        Thanks for the updates .. I watch the Man who sets the table 😍👌🏻

        • Zehba

          Happy new year 🙂

      • Aleeha Butt

        Wtf!!!! Ive been waiting for these dramas for a week btw what about korean odyssey?

        • Zehba

          Ep 3&4 was pushed back to next week because of the accident that happened to the staff, tvN announced today that it would be postponing broadcasts by a week in order to inspect the production environment.

          • Aleeha Butt


      • amanda

        urgh seriously been waiting all day for these shows!!!

        • dutchessdioji

          They could have given us a heads up last week. I went out in the snow to get some Cookies and Cream ice cream to go with my viewing of this week’s episode. Damn sam! 🙂

          • amanda

            I KNOW RIGHT, i bought cookies too and juice coz i get hungry with my late night viewing as well,they don’t think about us foreigners at all 🙁 🙁

          • kendz

            LOL children, you can always watch and re-watch Korean shows but there can only be one end of the year for 2017 and 1 new year for 2018. Let’s give them a break… they are humans too. 😉

          • amanda

            kkkkkkkkkk it’s hard but i guess we’ll wait

          • dutchessdioji


          • Uyen Nguyen

            they did inform at the end of last episode last week

          • dutchessdioji

            Really? I must have taken a bathroom break or received a text. Who knows, but I missed it. Thanks!

    • Gidget Lim
      • Ronald Harrington

        I’ve been around, Gen hasn’t let me out of her sight all week….

        • Gidget Lim

          Awwwww It’s ok… time to spend with Daddy… I thought u gave up on Happy Sisters already 😭😭
          I recommend A Korean Odyssey… check it out … it’s funny … not too scary 😭😭😭
          My hugs 🤗 and kisses 😘 to Gen😍😍

    • Gidget Lim

      Happy New Year Master RH 😍👌🏻🥂🌠🎉🎊🎇🎆

      • Ronald Harrington

        Happy new year Gidget, stay sweet!!!

    • Gidget Lim

      I have to look for you … glad to see you here… another Kdrama that came out that’s good … Korean Odyssey 😍😍

      • Ronald Harrington

        I like it, love her from “Shine or go crazy”

        • Gidget Lim

          Oh good so u have seen it too😍👌🏻👍🏻

          • Ronald Harrington


        • Jinja13

          Happy Happy New Year 2018 Master Ronald may it be prosperous and healthy 🎉🎊🎶😚

          • Ronald Harrington

            Thank you Jinja!!!!!Right back at you!!!

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  • itsokaythatslove


  • My Kang Dan😍😘❤️

    So no dramas are going to air this week?

  • Safeenah Safiyan

    I am glad I got to revist the past episodes…….wishing everyone happy new year in advance….

  • Yuni Trisnawati

    Why I can’t play this episode… 😭