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Episode TitleEpisode 38 Engsub
Air date2018-01-07


My Golden Life Ep 38

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  • cindydoo


  • cindydoo

    JS, stupid, stupid, stupid girl :(!!!

    • Yuni Trisnawati

      Hahha but hyuk still confuse about his feeling

      • Sena

        Poor Hyuk. He’s not aware what a drama queen JS is. She’s always so meak and timid when she speaks to him and his sister…

        • cindydoo

          I hope he figures it all out and then secretly works on her :D! Like taming of the shrew.

  • cindydoo

    Older brother – big mistake.

    • cindydoo

      She agreed to marry with certain conditions. Already you’re pushing back so hard, it’s like you didn’t really listen to her. She comes first, you chose to marry her.

    • amanda

      he told his truth and i said in the last episode divorce is how it’s going to end unless one of them gives in wholeheartedly, he really wants that baby she doesn’t so even if one did give there would be resentment hence……………………..end of marriage but with baby or without

  • cindydoo

    Don’t know what JA said at the end – but looked like she had the upper hand :D! Exchanging silo firing!!!

    • Sena

      At the end, mama Noh guessed that DK’s woman is JA and went to look for her at the cafe and accused her of planing to get back to HaSung through DK.
      However JA stood her ground and told her that she’d never been in a relationship with DK and she was not planing to do so in the future. Mrs Noh was incredulous saying how come DK left home without even being in a realtionship…
      JA said she too couldn’t believe it and that she doesn’t want anything to do with HaSung; so mama Noh had to speak to her son instead.

  • Argggh! Hands down! They always manage to keep me hanging at the end of their weekly episode. I need to strangle somebody! Another torturous week of waiting!

    • cindydoo

      At least they offer 2 episodes a week. Many years ago, it use to be 1 episode a week and you waited about 3 days for the subs.

      • amanda

        kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk you sound like you’re telling a fairytale hahahahahaha

      • Ino Yong Senpei

        Yeah you are right

    • amanda

      how abot strangling ji soo, or sharon, or bo na any one of them will do

      • Naru22

        Haha… LolπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
        The best comment πŸ‘πŸ˜‰

        • amanda

          THANK YOU

  • hey!

    How does the two girls have almost the same names and no one can put two and two together to see that they are related.

    • amanda

      i see this in a lot of dramas it frustrates me as hell and nobody even asks if they’re related in my country (ZIM) the first thing you do when you hear a familiar name is ask if you’re related to someone you know or even know we even ask that if the names are different but have the same hometown you know so i don’t get it!!

      • Naru22

        Agreed!! Even in my country too… If the family name matches, that’s the first reaction – to check if we could have been related somewhere along….

        • amanda

          YEAH I MEAN WHO WANTS TO END UP DATING A RELATIVE EEW NO, but they seem to want those kind of accidents to happen

          • Naru22

            Haha… Yes… That’s there tooπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Discaliber

      when about 20% of the population has the same last name (Kim) it’s easier to assume two people with the same last name are probably not related. So even though Seo is not the most common name there are still a lot of unrelated people with the same last name.

  • KDrama admirer

    Good job JA πŸ‘πŸ»

  • Athena Gliddon

    Don’t read until watching the episode.

    I was elated with Ji An gave Mom a talking to. I like it when she shows spine. Mom thinks money is everything and that everyone wants a piece of her.

    Ji Soo is overdue for some serious character development. She is still do self pitying and childish. Grow up girl!

    • amanda

      i never really liked hyuk at first but now he’s too good for ji soo, he shouldn’t be with someone who only suspects him of other feelings, it’s actually the thing i hate most when someone seems so certain about how i feel when i haven’t said anything, so ji soo is getting on my nerves with her jumping to conclusions instead of reading the situation or talking about it like adults do, and if she insists she’s not smart or intelligent what in the hell makes her think her assumptions are correct and on point………”she misses her” girl did she tell you that she misses her, no she didn’t so why think that.

      • Kookie Mon

        Ji Soo is just self-pitying self-centered and ridiculous. Hyuk definitely deserves better. I really wish they would bring another lady into his life if she’s going to be like this. Then taking it out on Ji An

        • amanda

          she won’t grow up

  • Ronald Harrington

    Finally JA said something to someone, she takes crap from, DH, JS, DAD, DH friend, and on and on and on….thank you for giving me some hope from you again….

  • Muna

    Now thats the JA i knw and love
    she didnt take carp from people in the beginning of the drama and not now
    she is coming back to be the amazing person we knw she was
    cant wait for the progression
    for JS, she needs to find the whole story man – always coming to her own conclusions and making false enemies
    calm down girl and see your sis is on your side and hyuk really likes you
    i wonder how this drama is going to end – it can go so many ways
    also the pressure of the dad being sick is soooooo not helping
    anyways look forward to it
    have to wait for next week – so not fair – they should have given us four episodes this week but knwing the production of kdrams with 8 years experience that i have
    NO CHANCE and i really hate that fact T.T

    • amanda

      totally agree i’m nervous if anyone is gonna get a happy ending because the choi’s can change their minds over time but it’s the grandfather who scares me he won’t let anything happen that would ruin his reputation.on the other hand i suspect dk’s dad is going to divorce the mom to get away from the grandpa and the for the sake of his kids………………….i’m worried about seo hyun she doesn’t have the courage to be rebellious and when she falls for ji ho what’s she gonna do?

  • UriDijun

    Wow, loved the attitude! Great job girl! Hwaiting!

  • amanda

    hihihihihihihihihiihih i bet ji an’s legs will turn to jelly if not water the moment she walks out that cafe, but tear her a new one wonder why mothers with sons always assume their sons got seduced(God pliz don’t make me that woman when my son grows up!).
    my only complaint with this drama is that it lacks balance, all the couple stories are interesting so i find myself wanting more of them rather than the loop of ji an, DK, working and doing whatever. if they weren’t going to give them more screen time they should’ve just made them into the people who feel sorry for the leads and tell them to break up, constantly, but they’re actually interesting stories in here that need more time to play out.


    no…….no preview…..arghh

  • DramaQueen


  • Baebaebae17

    Ughhhh.. Jisoo’s screen time breaks the mood!

  • Jevva Manies


  • Junsungmin

    I demand for more Seohyun-Jiho moments!!!

  • ajul

    indeed jian … very smooth … thats how you handle your future mother in law (lol)

  • 5Zero4

    Damn Ms. Noh, going around demanding answers like a boss. Ji An is her kryptonite though. JA knows how to get under her skin. Shit, JA should’ve said “well so…I’m pregnant with Do Kyung’s baby.” She would’ve busted a head gasket. lol

  • Ma Lourdes Angel Garcia

    Its nice to see that JA knows to fightback…JA fightingπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻😍😍😍

  • Kookie Mon

    She made this big commotion about marrying him, and putting him through all that just to ask for a divorce? Between her and Ji soo I don’t know who annoys me more atm.

  • Kookie Mon

    She made this big commotion about marrying him, and putting him through all that just to ask for a divorce? Between her and Ji soo I don’t know who annoys me more atm.

  • Sena

    Poor Hyuk is worried for JA because of DK’s family and he’s unaware that JS if from that same family. Mrs Noh you take care of your own kids. DK is the one after JA and so has JS been after Hyuk. Why terrorise & harass other people lol What an arrogant deluded bunch Mrs Noh & her dad 😠😑 They think everyone is after their Hasung when her own son is running away and they trying to force him back. If Hasung is so good how coe you couldn’t keep him in?
    It’s not like the grandpa comes from a chaebol background himself either.
    And neither is Mrs Noh husband. Hypocrisy & pretense.

  • Sena

    Mrs MIn said she asked DK if he kept in touch with JA in orer to give him the handbag and that he wnated it with answering. But the truth is that she gave it to him without questions.
    May she just wanted to avoid Mrs Noh’s wrath???
    But she seems to have suspected soemthing is up with DK & JA
    Otherwise why give him her handbag after so long?