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Episode 8 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 8 Engsub
Air date2017-09-24


My Golden Life Ep 8

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  • reppinGAalways

    i’m just waiting for her to leave or run away, i’m getting twitchy just watching what they’re going to make her do or how they treat her, I’ve got issues with this. i don’t like being confined to a schedule unless it’s work-related so all these restrictions are getting to me. if i was in this type of situation where they’re trying to plan out my whole day i’d stay out all night to have some control over my life. it’d probably lead to more strictness and then i’d leave because i just couldn’t take it anymore. i knew those two were switched by i don’t understand why the mom did it. is Ji An her real daughter or not? i almost wish i didn’t watch this because it’s going to take so long for it to come out.

  • Ice cream n soda

    So they are going to send her …..?

  • Chatelaineces

    There are rumors that many who marry into royalty break because of the rigid and fishbowl environment they are forced to live. Princess Diana of Great Britain (actually a minor royal) is an easy example and then the current Crown Princess of Japan, a former career professional before she got married. There is a telling question in a song in Camelot, “What Do the Simple Folks Do?”. The song reveals that the simple folks talk about their queens and kings when they have nothing to do. This drama show us what it means to be very rich, very visible to the public eye and fodder for rumors and scandals. Thus, Choi Eun Suk needs to catch up on 25 years of breeding and public performance IQ. Her mother is duty bound to get her up to form until she is revealed in public. She will put Eun Suk to the paces until she comes up to speed to be like her “perfect” son and daughter. Tabloids sell yellow journalism, slanted truth or half truths with attention grabbing headlines. And the celebrities, the very rich and government public officials are the targets. Welcome to this world Choi Eun Suk.

  • Ella

    I am slowly starting to dislike everyone in this drama – also I loved how the main actress started out as a strong female lead only to be slowly broken down by that rich family. You can’t change someone in a matter of day and make them forget their enntire life – not only is that cruel – but unrealistic unless that person welcomes the change – ugh so frustrating

    • Paulina J

      That’s true.
      And I understand her when she bought stuffs for her “first” family, without gifts for “second”. And that pretensions from Choi Do Kyung that she ever doesn’t think about them – so what. It’s hard for her. Even when she try. She need more time. TIME. I don’t like him. I don’t like that he is 1st lead. I wanna Hyuk, he’s much better.

      • Ella

        ugh I couldn’t agree with you more – he was simply nasty to him trying to force her to be called oppa all the time, like dude back off and give her breathing room – also who would think of their new family in a period of days after living with your first family for 25 years?? I agree I too would buy presents for my first esepcially knowing that they can’t afford anything in comparison to this new – rather cold and robotic family argh so frustrating =) let’s see if the next 2 eps are going to improve otherwise I have to drop this drama too =( ps. Lee Tae-Hwan is incredibly HAWT I totally agree with you – Second lead syndrom ALL the way =)

  • tamry

    amongst all the frustrations this drama is causing, the thing that got to me most this episode was that really disrespectful bystander who was filming the entire argument. what crap is that? a couple is having a heartbreaking disagreement and you decide “hey lets film the whole thing right next to them” WTF man?

  • famouslastwordss

    seriously who does this bastard think he is to keep and take her phone? what a disgusting 1st lead