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Episode 9 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 9 Engsub
Air date2017-09-30


My Golden Life Ep 9

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  • tamry

    this is the bluntest kdrama I have ever seen xD

  • FreeSpirit

    That catch hehehe
    Get my gal a can of beer will ya ?!

  • Nina.

    I can’t wait to see the next episode hehe I hope she will get along well soon with her oppa ~~~

    • cindydoo

      Hard to tell. A catch doesn’t make a relationship.

      • Nina.

        I knoooow >.< but I meant it as getting along as "siblings" :p

  • Chatelaineces

    We are on episode 9 and it still feels like an extended introduction. I guess this is how it differs from watching 50 episodes from 16 one-hour episodes. In another drama, Temperature of Love (short drama), the love triangle has gone through 5 years and the love triangle is already at a heightened level in four episodes. Here, the preview shows us Do Kyung saving Eun Seok from a fall. Only on the 10th episode do we see the love angle building up. There are so many subplots and characters to set-up: the father and a possible Vietnam gig, the franchise of the mother, the love triangle of Ji Soo, Ji Tae’s love story, the younger brothers project, sibling rivalry with the Choi sister, the Haesung grandfather and his influence and many more. Of course, the big story is about Do Kyung and Eun Seok. This boat is just out of the pier. I am waiting for the action.

    • vivi

      Weekend drama is about the family, so everyone get their fair share or screen time aside from the main couple.

      I think this is the beauty of weekend drama, they show different type and stage of relationship, the quick one as the older brother, the short one like jisoo, the candy one ala jian and the younger brother possible love line.
      The subplot is the weekend drama cause it tells about all the family so I don;t think this is an extended production, this is indeed how it supposed to be,

      • Chatelaineces

        I meant extended introduction not production. Weekend dramas at 50 episodes will have more characters and subplots to have a good storyline throughout. The fact that these dramas are not preproduced allows the writers to adjust to viewer reactions. Here is where getting a fair share of screen time may also adjust.

  • cindydoo

    JA’s real Mom is such a turd!!! Lies, lies, lies. She’s dug a hole so deep, it’d take 10 minutes for the turd to hit her.

  • cindydoo

    God, rich Mom, you might as well have just picked any old replacement for your daughter. All you care about is being proper for your level. No love. Just conform. If I found my lost daughter, I’d just let her be and want to spend all my time just watching her in disbelief and joy.

  • KDrama admirer

    Am going to put this drama on hold

  • Ice cream n soda

    Waiting for today’s

  • Glenda Ludo Mabbun

    She call him oppa?? gosh

  • cindydoo

    Mom is kind of right. Dad, you not making enough money and you’re getting weaker by the day. So, Mom needs to use plan B. Dad, if you disagree, then man up!!! – otherwise get out of the way. Dad is a dreamer and not living with regard to reality.

  • cindydoo

    Dad won’t admit that currently he is not making it and in lying to his family and to himself, he’s dragging them all down the poor family path.

  • cindydoo

    Older brother – live up to your principles. You mentally can’t get past being “poor”, so don’t see any girl until you psychologically can handle your financial status.

  • cindydoo

    Everyone in this show is living a lie of some sort.

  • cindydoo

    Grandpa is a commoner! I hope he warms up to JA a lot because they are secretly alike :D! I hope it also makes the rest of the family jealous. All this properness a waste.

  • cindydoo

    I hope all this rich family diss treatment gets returned back to them in spades. They are all such bitches. I really want to take the whole family to a dark alley and beat them to death!!!

    I pray that JA and the grandpa become two peas in a pod :D!

  • cindydoo

    Rich mom is such a bitch to throw away JA’s valued stuff. JA just kill one of rich Mom’s children – we’re even now!