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Episode 16 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 16 Engsub
Air date2018-05-17

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  • ant

    cant believe today is the last episode

  • Shana Yarwood

    Nooo it’s over 😢 I must say I really enjoyed this drama and it will be missed

  • Kate Ross

    wow what a beautiful deabak ending… I will never forget this drama

  • RUD

    Best ending for one of the best drama. Thank you

  • mikys

    Thank you it was beautiful in every way.

  • Sivapriya

    This show taught me how one person can make your life whole different. And it didn’t feel like a fantasy at all. I finally can begin to belive in humility.

  • Sweta Kumar

    So finally PDH in the end accepted her feelings and was ready to go out with her ?

    • Mahdia

      he has feelings for her too!

      • Sweta Kumar

        I felt age was the reason he was reluctant to go out with her , but I guess he wanted to sort out everything and give it some time, so he can be ready mentally to start a new chapter in his life , he just didn’t want to jump from his wife to jian

        • Mamley Quartey

          True- the wife knows that there will never be a place in his heart for her again. He is being civil and polite because of his mother and holding on. His tears after his brother asked about Ji An and his irate answers said a lot than he would like to let on. He missed her a lot. Finally meeting her brings out a huge smile that has been lacking thus far after they parted. Eventually, they will divorce- she deciding to stay on in US. They are separated, he does not want his mom , brothers or anyone to know that yet!

  • ajul

    with this … i am so waiting for pd-nim next project …
    his human drama theme really show the human touch indeed important …
    thank you for sharing

  • Myrna Murphy

    Didn’t know it was last episode! Need subs to see how it ended.

    • paradox.of.fate

      Subs are up!

      • Myrna Murphy

        Subbs won’t show. I’ll check somewhere else. Thanks!

      • Myrna Murphy

        Thanks subs just uploaded!

  • Funsize

    That’s how the loan guys study and become police in mbc drama come and hug me

    • Tajudeen Adedotun

      lol..that makes a lot of sense

      • Funsize

        I know right

        • zainab123456


  • paradox.of.fate

    My heart is about to explode from all the love shown in this episode. Even smiling through the tears, couldn’t have asked for a better ending…beautiful!!

  • JustMe

    I cant believe this beautiful emotional roller coaster is over. Notice how much brighter lighting there is in this episode vs the first episode? Thank you so much to the my mister team subbers and makers of the drama. Wow

  • Ronald Harrington

    THAT, my friends, is a drama……

    • Mahdia

      I’m going to miss it

      added to my very very fav dramas

  • potatoe.1.23

    omg best ending ever! it was perfect and beautiful!!! so beautiful! im speechless.

    its crazy how one person can do a total 360 in your life. this drama has thought me that every person you meet has some influence in you, for better or worse. every single person helps you grow. the people who have a positive effect in your life can help you find peace within yourself.

  • KAY

    That was so perfect! Amazing. Simply amazing! Definitely the best drama!

  • KAY

    Now this is what you call a QUALITY DRAMA! From the quotable lines, to the splendid acting and perfect cast! Everything was so beautiful. Congratulations director-nim and writer-nim and of course to our actors and actresses! 👏👏

    • Iwan Ridwan

      tvN drama are indeed unique and great as always. Jtbc slowly reach that level too

  • JustMe

    Questions for all *spoiler alert*: ki hoon breaking up with yoo ra is a temporary thing right? My interpretation might be wrong, but from the montage it showed they broke up and got back together several times. His closure was ultimately he started to direct again.

    As for dong hoon, is he really happy? He seemed to be in the last scene. But in that scene alone, he started to cry. Because he misses jian… can you function without her?

    And the monk: did he come to visit jung hee to ultimately apologize and wish her happiness? (Ie he did not quit being a monk)

  • jungfoot

    BEST ENDING FOR A GREAT DRAMA , 16 epss waah , When i watchedd the ending it felt like i was watching this drama for the past 5yearss , Everything somehow became so bright 😭

    • Mahdia


  • Timba12

    It’s so sad that it’s over. This was one of the best dramas I’ve watched.

  • jungfoot

    Yeah i have this one question, why was pdh Crying in the last scene?(Is it cuz he misses jian?)

    • Mahdia

      i was wondering too

    • Shannon Vonk Sutorius

      Yes I think that was the reason for sure!

  • jungfoot

    And yes im gonna go watch come and hug me to see muh boy kwang il

  • DyingtobeinKorea

    Brilliant drama, brilliant story, brilliant actors. Just Freaking Brilliant!!!
    This show had better win the Kdrama award at the end of the year or I’m gonna scream bloody murder!1!!!! This show had everything you could ask in a melodrama!!! Outstanding!!!

    • Mr Brad

      The two leads were fantastic; all the main actors for that matter. This one is in my top five and real close to the top. I agree, if they don’t win the top awards for this…It’s rigged! I’m sad for this to go. The ending was just how it needed to be. The writer and director can take a bow, also. This one raised the bar…..

  • Abibat Adamu

    Beautiful ending

  • xxxsolace

    A really really really great drama. Great casts great writer great camerawork, they deliver the emotion so damn well. I love IU, love Sung Kyun.

    But wait, he didnt divorce his wife? Indeed, he maintain to be nicest man till the end.

    • Sweta Kumar

      He divorced his wife, its the scene where he cries alone in the house she now lives with their son abroad

  • Pigu

    Thank you

  • Shannon Vonk Sutorius

    Amazing and perfectly exicuted! Wow

  • Monbebe 5ever

    ok but is no one going to mention one of the most beautiful scene in the entire drama (although the entire drama was an act piece)? The scene where PDH goes to play soccer and we see what Ji An’s grandma said to her in sign language (something about sign language is just so beautiful to me idk) had me in tears. The relationship between her & PDH is so beautiful & precious, they connected in such a different way, a way that was filled with so much depth & emotion. A relationship where they both liberated each other from the loneliness and suffering they both were facing. (I’m so glad there was no romance between the two, it just added so much more meaning to their relationship; where not all relationships have to be romantic for them to be important to ones life).

    Also, when pdh broke down and FINALLY cried, letting out all of his pent up feelings, I cried with him. It was such a moving scene, seeing him finally able to let go.

    One of the best dramas I’ve ever seen!

  • Elveol

    This is will be one on my top lists. This is what a real drama is. Ohhh, I love it. IU is so great. The actors are perfect. The story is of the best quality. The director and producers didnt waste any, they really did great.

    Also one of the reasons I love this is how they taught us the reality and how true people can still achieve happiness after all the pain they went through. Ajjussi is really an honest person. No matter how bad can people do to him, no matter how much sufferring he feel, every one can still lead a better life. That’s what get him his position. It’s very rewarding how they have resolve all of this. Really reflected on Ajjussi x wife x Jerk CEO and IU x gangster loan shark.

    Let’s be good people guys. Let’s be the better one in this world full of conflict.

  • Aditi

    IU’s dramas always leave me crying. Scarlet Heart Ryeo and not this….This was such an amazing drama. I was trying to control myself and not cry. I was trying to hold back to keep my strong image. I’m well known to not cry until it’s just gets too much to handle but this story just broke that image. I cried. It just hits you in the heart like a bullet (if that’s an expression..) It just makes you reflect on yourself, your life.
    I finished with my exams yesterday and that means I’m finally done with my highschool. I know. I still have a long way to go until I say I’m experienced with life. I don’t know if high school students can relate to me but life is hard for a student. Not because we have to study and that’s the thing students hate the most, but it’s keeping your life balanced. I don’t know how to express it in words so I’ll just leave it at that. So yeah, I woke up today with this weird feeling in my stomach. To get rid of that feeling, I started watching dramas, to forget everything. And I was crying. I was crying like I never had. There was no apparent reason for why I was crying but it was relaxing. It felt as if something was just being drained out of me. I don’t know why I’m talking about this here but I wanted to share this with someone.
    The one thing about Ji An and Dong Hoon’s character was that they kept holding back. So when they finally let go and cried their heart out made me feel really happy. Ji An in ep 15 and Dong Hoon in ep 16.

  • a.wallflower

    i am going to miss this so much .. a beautiful series.

  • kapoyani

    Love it!!! Bravo

  • kapoyani

    The drama is encapsulated perfectly by one hug

  • JadedForeignDramasAngel

    OM….Had to pause for the cause…tears just STREAMING….why? Why? but at least she was happy and joyously peaceful… but the pain was real…

    UI kudos for a scene WELL and MAGNIFICENTLY played.

  • Adriana

    I thought I cried too much when I watched Goblin but damn i could fill up an entire swinmming pool finishing this drama.

  • Mihael Keehl

    I am like Ji Ahn. I will miss Ajussi voice, Ajussi footsteps’ sounds, Ajussi’s back . I wil miss everything about Ajussi.

  • happystar

    If this doesn’t win an award I’m gonna cry. Couldn’t have ended better. The whole cast did amazing, and IU really out did herself. She’s a true gem.

  • JadedForeignDramasAngel


  • l1lly_petal

    The only drama I didn’t give up these days… now that it’s over… ottoke?!

  • Meaks

    Amazing. Simply amazing.

  • Super chicken

    Great start, great ending. The quality of this drama never decreased from episode to episode. She didn’t say much but every time she spoke, she said volumes. Her every spoken word evoked very poignant emotional responses from the viewership.

  • Sugamasta

    Another wonderful drama that I won’t be able to get over easily, honestly I’ve learned a lot from this drama..BEST