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Episode 1 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 1 Engsub
Air date2017-11-27


Oh, the Mysterious Ep 1

Synopsis of Oh, the Mysterious Ep 1


  • amanda

    wonderful more cops :|………………this is the year of justice dramas, i wanna see sci-fi or magic with witches or deities or something to make my brain daydream but i will watch it but oooooh it better be good!!

    • Iwan Ridwan

      actually this year is full of time traveling drama until near the end of the year

      • amanda

        really which other time travelling drama

        • siruslysyd

          Tomorrow with you, Go Back Couple, Live up to your name dr heo, Chicago typewriter, Tunnel … did I miss any?

          • siruslysyd

            There definitely was a lot of legal dramas too tho. Like.. a LOT lol

          • amanda

            hahahahahaha that was this year that was so long ago i’m already classifying them as last year’s dramas but the crime dramas are still way more than those,

        • Iwan Ridwan

          yeah, Manhole, the best hit, etc so many time travel drama this year

  • ShoYong

    Nice finally she got the main lead!

    • Iwan Ridwan

      yeah, she is too pretty and too good for secondary actress hehe 😀

  • amanda

    my gosh the lead is so old-looking from the side view

  • Iwan Ridwan

    Jung hye sunggggggg
    so much pretty, as usual hehe

  • Dramatic

    I never thought Hong Gil Dong would become a criminal in his next life.

    • siruslysyd

      Rebel is still my favourite drama this year <3

      • Dramatic

        Mine too. I think it will be my favourite drama my whole life.

        • siruslysyd

          Same 😭 such an underrated gem

          • Michela Ribeiro

            Same here!! One of the best historical dramas I’ve seen <3

    • PandaQueenJ

      i thought i was the only one Rebel is a MASTERPIECE. I agree that it is underrated…

      • PandaQueenJ

        btw it is one of my fav dramas too and i watched more than 100 dramas

  • stellapebble

    my siberian husky so handsome!!! Fignting

  • FanOfYoonKyeSang

    looks promising!

  • paradox.of.fate

    This is another drama that looks like it will be fast paced. How this story plays out will be interesting.

  • Shwipsapa😍

    My bear is baaack❤️

  • 31:29 this scene was from Judge vs Judge! LOL