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Episode 4 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 4 Engsub
Air date2017-11-28


Oh, the Mysterious Ep 4

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  • PandaQueenJ

    oh well… I DIDNT EXPECTED THAT. THIS DRAMA IS SO GOOD AND yoon kyun sung acting is wowww idk is it because he played in one of my fav dramas rebel but i just love him
    did that police really betrayed him and those bitchfaceprosectures i just want to kick them in the face.

  • ShoYong

    whats up with this plot twist just like Two cops lmao

  • Dramatic

    THAT WAS WAY TOO GOOD!!! This drama gets better by the second.

  • Andy O

    Fast paced and exciting story!
    If we set aside that they take too lightly the death sentence in K-dramas and generally in Korea, (You know what i’m talking about if you watched Defendant, Criminal Minds and Witch’s court.) and that the prison escape thing is too unrealistic, i like that the lead male character is not only quick on the uptake but he also acts quick and smart.
    Too many similarities with ”Two Cops” but i don’t mind! Both dramas seem promising and have great leads!
    The body swap theme is always funny, clumsy and thrilling!
    I have great expectations!

  • Yxz3

    O: i was not expecting that ending…. omg

  • Iwan Ridwan

    now i get confused…lol
    it is getting more interesting…
    just how and for what they switching the person .
    i already want next episode 🙂

  • wait what so their souls are switch or …????? what????????

    • No they must have switched him with that cop’s body after hitting him in the head….!

      • shaco sleepwalker

        And they manipulated police database and gave him the policeman identity

  • Danica Kim Tae Hee

    Ohhh my heart hurts

  • Pickasuga 97

    I felt for him in the rebel I didn’t know that I’ll feel even more and the actress I liked her in manhole finally she’s getting a main lead. I think that this drama is gonna be on my top 5 for this year ! I though that I was gonna be bored after with court and wywa but no 😂 and 2 cops is also daebak tbh it’s completely different from this drama you’ll see by yourself !

  • shaco sleepwalker

    Yea so totally didnt expect that

  • paradox.of.fate

    WHAAAAT?? I had to do a double take! This is getting interesting! It will be the one I search for 1st for updates. 😉

  • Mishawl Malik

    Wao . Jo huynk ki from mad dog is here.
    Hope so he is good here. Finally corrected his tie .

  • tae’s

    Wahh . Daebak . That plot twist tho . We should give a big clap for whose make this drama

  • Be’el Baby

    local server cannot open T.T

  • guccicarat

    so they made him the cop so that they wont be charged w murder n at the same time he escaped prison

  • Iwan Ridwan

    Monday Tuesday slot is really full with competition.
    Next Week there will be Doubtful Victory vs Two Cops vs Jugglers
    another clash from KBS, MBC and SBS.
    I love all the lead actress Baek Jin Hee, Jung hye Sung and Hyeri, they are soo pretty…… i have to watch them all

  • woaaahh! the ending though! BINGE WATCHING ALL EPISODES TONIGHT!