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Episode 7 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 7 Engsub
Air date2018-02-20

Synopsis of Radio Romance Ep 7


  • stellapeable Nunie

    most awaited lol

  • Zam Well

    yess sir!!

  • stellapeable Nunie

    Bolbbalgan4 love it


  • Sayuri

    Omfg I need the subs RIP

  • Cathy Ross

    wow I can’t wait for next week episode….sub pls…

  • Elisa

    Both subbed!!

    • healer


  • SUU96

    Why server 1 is not subbed with me … and open load doesn’t open T.T

  • Lucifer

    lovable episode!!!

  • manager dude kinda looks like park go gum

    • Rads ical

      Omg yes I totally see it

  • FreeSpirit

    7eps to confess
    I’m happy I’m happy

  • Ji soo is just super cute

  • Rads ical

    I loved Kwak Dong Yeon as the comic relief doctor who deeply cares for his patient. Im fine with him being evil as long as he doesn’t break his Hippocratic oath. It’s fine to present patient cases as long as all identifying information is removed. I hope he doesn’t violate the rapport and trust between him and Su Ho. Side note, previously I hated his jealousy and found it entitled but his character has grown on me and I thought his petty jealousy is almost cute in the beginning of this ep.

    • JustMe

      He hasnt given wrong advice just yet 😉

  • Sarah

    I really prefer his dark hair, he’s rocking it

    • Shannon Vonk Sutorius

      Me too!! I like it so much better!!

    • paradox.of.fate

      Seriously the red was sooo distracting! It didn’t match his complexion at all!

      • Carla Mitkay Jhashen

        I didn’t want to voice out my opinion but since you’re at it, the color is great, but it makes him look mean and comical.

        • paradox.of.fate

          Along with where his character is emotionally doesn’t help either. I do think if it was a shade lighter or even darker it would not be such a contrast to his skin tone, but that’s just me. lol
          Because I worked outside my blond hair turned white from the sun, had to add color once winter came because of the shade difference, boy did I pick the wrong color with my skin tone the first time. My sisters had a ball with the jokes, my hair was golden like the golden egg. XD Good thing I could laugh along with them even when it’s at the expense of my embarrassment. hahaha

          • Carla Mitkay Jhashen

            It’s good if you can laugh your butt off out an embarrassing situation. But seriously, 🙄🙄😌😌, I am over here trying to picture you with golden hair😰😰😰😰😳😳😳

          • paradox.of.fate

            hahahaha please don’t!! 😉

  • Rads ical

    I wouldn’t be that touched by PD Lee’s defense. I appreciate that he’s telling her to stand up for herself but he’s doing it by yelling at her which isn’t ok. Cause now she has to stand up for herself against the one who is standing up for her

  • JustMe

    Was hoping for more “comedy” in this romantic comedy kdrama.

  • samzoca

    I felt so sorry for Geu Rim when everyone was reading her script. Writer Ra is such a pain. The way she treat Geu Rim is just???? Her and Mrs Nam. I don’t know who wins.

  • Athena Gliddon

    I am still waiting for the reveal. Why was his name different when they were young? Who is his friend who died? What is going on with the doctor and with his manager? So many questions!

    • Michiya Minatsuki

      Nah, he must have given her fake name back then…
      Or his name currently is a stage name

      • Athena Gliddon

        Maybe it is his friend’s name, the one who was hurt/died.

  • happystar

    One thing I can’t stand in a drama is a leading actress who is a pushover…
    Lee Kang made my heart flutter when he defended Song Geu Rim. Yelling at her is not okay, but I can understand his frustration. She always let them pick on her without fighting back and he always pull her out of the situation. However, he can’t always be there to step up for her. She needs to find her own strength to fight her own battle because no one can fight it for her. He can be there to prevent it from escalating however, once he is gone nothing will change; she’ll continue to get mistreated by her peers. I hope she grows stronger.

  • Viktor

    Finally no red hair

  • ThatGirl_

    My heart raced so fast when he said “don’t ever ignore my call again” bruuuh!

  • Carla Mitkay Jhashen

    l dislike two persons in this drama, his dad and his stepmom

  • Fatima

    His voice is just like so muck attracting
    I really love ji soo’s voice❤️

  • Fatima

    His voic is like so much attracting
    I really like ji soo’s voice❤️