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Episode TitleEpisode 2 Engsub
Air date2017-10-15


Revolutionary Love Ep 2

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  • Zam Well

    i really want this.. cook this faster JEBAL!!!

  • guccicarat

    when will you sub this?

  • stellapebble

    i really love my Choi Si Won here with KSR.but i felt bad of GM i feel him huhuhu!!! 3 characters entertained me enough .ChoiSiWon fighting!!!

    • eunmi

      I know right, hope gong myung and the flight attendant’s ship starts sailing. He’s actually a relatable character tho

      • stellapebble

        Yep i dont want gong myung left out.i want him this time have real romance lol!

  • Miyaki H

    Poor boy, my Jackson in ‘She Was Pretty’! I watch this show because of you, Choi Siwon but arrggh! I can’t stand of his father abusive manners. I don’t know whether this show is comedian or not? But his father ‘s characters has to adjust abit, is not right to insult and abuse his adult son in the public.
    How can he said that his son damaged his and his company images when he never looks himself at the mirror? He destroys his son prides as the same as his son do to him in the public, stupid dumb.

  • Zam Well

    90,000 won a day.. in my country PHILIPPINES its about 4092.65 pesos(October 16,2017) like a day??? part time?? the minimun wage rate here in Philippines is about 512 pesos.. and i myself is earning less than this.. what am i doing with my life :3.. i have no idea about the salary rate.. or this 90,000 won is really true or not.. just feel sorry for my self..

    • Andy O

      The situation of our society is really shameful.. Construction workers and generally, workers who do heavy work are paid more than the minimum wage in most countries.. But that salary is again too little, considering that they damage their bodies and they’re gonna need much more for hospital fees..

      • Taekki

        This is true, the workers who do hard labor is paid less than those workers who work in offices. They are more appreciated abroad that’s why a lot of OFW are opt to go abroad than stay here in our country.

    • oxyjennie

      90,000 won to Pounds would be £60 and minimum wage here is £9.15 so i guess that is possible to earn. Honestly i don’t know much about work and shit (or the world in general) because i am only 15. Soon i will get my national insurance number and finally start working. Bad thing here is that they are racist when it comes to hiring people. Its more likely that they will hire a white person than a black person. I still don’t get why you have to fill out you race and ethnicity on a job application

    • kimberly

      I guess every country has their own value of items. Like probably you can buy something for very cheap in Philippines but its abit more pricier in korea.

      • Zam Well

        maybe.. but i depends on where will it be brought,

  • paradox.of.fate

    This kinda similar to My Secret Romance, which was light and fun. Feel sorry for this chaebol because hes not even as smart as the one in MSR. lol He has the worse luck, but a kind heart. 🙂

    • Zam Well

      i love My Secret Romance, but i love this more with this 2 Episodes alone..

      • paradox.of.fate


    • oxyjennie

      My secret romance was so good and it didn’t drag i think it was pretty underrated

  • dropdedfred

    Im probabaly the only person who finds Siwon’s character so extremely annoying , he’s so dumb in the most irritating way ever and the way he acts so goddamn clueless makes me want to punch his face so hard

    • meeemo

      i find him a bit unrealistic, and the fact that he falls in love so damn fast annoys me

      • dropdedfred

        yessssi! he was just mourning over his other ex-girlfriend and then BAM he meets another girl and he magically falls in love with her in one effing episode … i should stop hating on him so much but he’s goddamn selfish and i feel very bad for jae hoon …lolzz sorry for ranting so much

        • meeemo

          yeah, i was anticipating this drama because of choi siwon, but i’m kinda disappointed with his role, but hey at least he’s funny .

    • oxyjennie

      The whole boob incident made me laugh. They could at least try at make it somewhat realistic like… He literally flew. Not to mention that he fell in love way to easily but i guess the writers wanted to do something different instead of your typical cold chaebol and naive girl. The female lead is AMAZING! We need more strong female leads esp ones like the lookout female lead.

  • Maria Doakes


  • FreeSpirit

    Lol his character is literally a joker lmao I can’t bear it .

  • Doree

    siwon looks different. Has he gone under the knife?
    p.s. his character feels so odd, don’t like it..