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Episode 3 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 3 Engsub
Air date2017-10-21


Revolutionary Love Ep 3

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  • sarah

    Can’t wait for sub watching raw?

  • Walé Sh

    subbers fighting were waiting….

  • Joon

    Awesome drama

  • suzi_bae

    The elevator part ???

  • Damilola

    Gosh he is gradually pissing me off. Dude get a hold of yourself and see what your reality is presenting to you.

    • Ray-an bautista

      He never learns and still do dumb things. As much as i love the casts, the plot is now annoying. They need to step up their story, have something more than that dude failure scenes that is redundant.

    • Sayuri

      S A M E

    • oxyjennie

      I hope in the new episodes he changes! The writers might have done that purposely so that we see a change in his behaviour and show us that he will mature and take responsibility,

  • Ray-an bautista

    Hey guys did you all know that this drama might be taken down? Choi siwoon’s dog bite a famous restaurant ceo to death. That news is crazily spread in Korea. Im terrified too.

    • Ray-an bautista

      As much as i would like to defend him, he and his family let the dog with history of biting people be unleashed and that’s the reason a ceo is bitten to death in an elevator

    • Sayuri

      Can you explain to me what exactly happened?

      • Ray-an bautista

        It has been reported that Siwon’s dog, named Bugsy, bit a next-door neighbor on September 30 in their apartment hallway.
        The neighbor was reported to be a woman in her 50s, who later suffered from septic shock caused by Bugsy’s bite and passed away in hospital on October 6.
        The woman’s death caused quite a stir as the victim was identified as a famous restaurant CEO in Seoul.
        Fans around the world were shocked to learn the news, especially since they were familiar with Bugsy who frequently cameos in Siwon’s Instagram photos.

        • paradox.of.fate

          Without being a witness to the situation, nobody really knows how much any of this story has been distorted. Was it Siwon who let the dog out without a leash, did the woman provoke the dog? I got bit by a dog 2 weeks ago, I took care of the injury, but maybe this woman contributed to the septic shock by neglecting the wound? Anyways, I don’t tend to take any sides with these kind of headlines because i dont know all the facts and the media doesn’t give all the facts. :/

          • Ray-an bautista

            The victim is a 50 year old woman who receives chemotherapy and is fighting cancer. All those times fighting cancer and the thing that finally ended your life is a dog bite. Poor victim.

          • Hogwild

            Because her immune system was already weak could have contributed to sepsis. Septic shock is most common in people who are already affected by illnesses that weaken the immune system. Sounds like she had all the cards stacked against her. I feel sad for the lady. The dog if known for biting should have had a muzzle when out in public.

          • paradox.of.fate

            That’s very sad. It’s ironic that had it been anyone else who’s immune system wasn’t compromised it probably wouldn’t have been a life or death situation. It would have been better had the entire story been told initially. When you here of a death from dog bites, which i unfortunately do too often with my job, it usually involves a dog mauling the victim. This was not the case.
            Do i think the owner of the dog should be condemned as this has progressed…no. It is just an unfortunate accident that led to this woman dying. I am sad for the family’s loss.

    • Sayuri

      I read a little about it and while it is saddening, I don’t think the
      drama should be taken down. I’m not defending Si-won, but a lot of
      people were involved in the making of this drama (co-stars, directors,
      producers, sets, writers etc.) and I don’t think they should suffer a
      loss because of something one person did.

      • Ray-an bautista

        I know, i don’t want that to happen too. But we can never hide the fact that this drama will suffer a lot. Korean’s will do anything just to blame choi siwon. I don’t know the intensity that problem may cause but for sure it would really reflect on the actor and the drama itself.

      • Ray-an bautista
        • Sayuri

          Obviously the story can’t function without him and if the drama stops filming I doubt Choi Si-won will be affected by it financially anyway. I’m more worried about the staff of the show who have invested a lot and will be the real people suffering. Some people are just so thoughtless. It’s so easy for people to say “Cancel the show!” without thinking about the consequences since they won’t be affected by it. What an unfortunate situation :/

    • oxyjennie

      Some people say the dog should get put down poor dog but at the same time poor lady. The thing i don’t like about K-netz is how they take everything out of proportion and make it some big scandal. They really need to be more considerate and think about the people working really hard with sleepless nights to make the drama work.

  • pee

    Still deciding whether to continue watching or not because Si Won’s character is getting on my nerves.

  • DyingtobeinKorea

    That whole elevator scene where he let one rip was so freaking hilarious!!! I think I tore another muscle laughing so hard!

  • paradox.of.fate

    He’s a bumbling idgit! lol Poor thing, he’s a 5 year old in a man’s body.

  • oxyjennie

    He kind of reminds me of Louie from shopping king louie. The way he follows joon around and acts clueless is similar to their relationship