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Episode TitleEpisode 7 Engsub
Air date2017-11-04


Revolutionary Love Ep 7

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  • Empyrean Conqueror

    http://drama3s. com/watch/revolutionary-love-episode-7-3447_71442.html
    Eng subbed

  • Empyrean Conqueror

    http://drama3s. com/watch/revolutionary-love-episode-7-3447_71442.html

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  • Iwan Ridwan

    what happen with joon’s past and gangsu food >_<

    • Ma Wajid

      For some reason joon’s dad died because of the gansug group.

  • abc abc

    ok wth! she passed the tests and at the end she goes like i just wanted to prove im not a coward! that is so irresponsible and unfair to the others. she took a spot till round 3 just to reject being accepted!! someone who probabl really needed and wanted this job would have been selected in her place if she hadn’t tried. what’s the point of going in with that mindset?

  • happystar

    The drama is finally starting to progress…It’s still moving rather slow though. The characters are all starting to get on my nerve too. I liked Jae Hoon at the start of the first few episodes but now he’s just annoying.

  • Andy O

    Lol At 36:36 the greek part of the logo on Je Hoon’s shirt is wrong! It’s ”hide” in imperative, in greek it should be ”κρύψε”, not ”to hide = κρύψει”..
    It changes the whole meaning. I feel bad for those who’ll buy it!

  • arlyn

    music played @ 58:30? title pls?

    • paradox.of.fate

      Trying to find out too! lol

  • WeroNoYume

    His friends are so cute! It’s so hard to find someone that believes in your capabilities and in your dreams! ; _ ;

    • paradox.of.fate

      So true, and they root you on!