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Episode 8 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 8 Engsub
Air date2018-05-17

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  • paradox.of.fate

    It was nice to see Attorney Kang come thru looking like a Bada$$. Watching each of these ep’s I’m always anxious and on edge waiting for someone to discover his secret. killing me! He potentially has anyone he fights against plus anyone in his firm who is jealous digging up his credentials. UGH!! Wished he’d just get it taken care of early, but that’s not gonna happen,is it? :/

    • Exactly when is he going to Take Care of it???
      Nahhhh he’ll just wait until he is cut

      • paradox.of.fate

        lolol Looks like we will be on edge til ep 15? 16?

  • Love the chrmechem between the guys i’m always interested to watch every episode

  • DyingtobeinKorea

    Chae ” by the way, what do you have on your shoulders” idiot looks and wipes off shoulder Chae says ” hmm incompetence” bahahahahahahahahaha

    • Mr Brad

      great line, love the way he said it. BTW, the girl who played the paralegal in the US version gets to be a real live Princess tomorrow. Neat!

      • DyingtobeinKorea

        Personally I think the actress (Go Sunghee) playing the paralegal Jina in the Korean Version is a much better Rachel. I like the chemistry she has with Go Yeon Woo (Park Hyungshik). I really don’t care if Meghan Markle is getting married to the President of France LOL I never thought she was a good actress period

        • Mr Brad

          The princess thing is just a weird link between the two shows, I agree the Meghan is not too good an actress. I like Go Sunghee much better in this part.

  • babyjr

    the subs arent in sync.

    • M.Drama

      they’re good now

  • Shannon Vonk Sutorius

    @dramahood error reads: file could not be played

    • Shannon Vonk Sutorius

      Fixed thank you

  • Iwan Ridwan

    by watching this drama i’m becoming more confused about law and law workers. this drama use difiicult terms and complicated situatiton, maybe those who study law love this….. hohoho