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Episode 12 Engsub


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Episode TitleEpisode 12 Engsub
Air date2017-10-03


Temperature of Love Ep 12

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  • Chatelaineces

    Spoiler alert!
    Jung Woo hit it in the head when he said that Hyun Soo and Jung Sun argue like a couple. In this episode, even without the benefit of the English subtitles, you can feel that they talk and act as if they just picked up their relationship from yesterday and not from five years ago. She is trying her darnest to get him to come around but he is not making it difficult for her either. She is single minded in getting him to commit because it is very clear to her that he is the man she loves. Jung Sun, the new businessman, needs to make his restaurant make money so he is distracted from affairs of the heart. But he has loved only her. Her troubles with her script may be the blessing in disguise for Hyun Soo. She is crying and he may just kiss away her tears. Next episode, please.

    • Chahida

      Nice πŸ™‚

  • UriDijun

    Ohwn ❣

  • jana

    I really hate that hong ah or what so ever

  • h?xxxx

    I’m tempted to stop watching this dram cuz the second male lead is just ? How am I supposed to ship the main couple ??

    • FreeSpirit

      I’m in love with both male leads ??????
      It’s difficult to watch knowing the end result will b the main couple being together. I’m kinda used to it now tho lol

    • sherla

      okay. i definitely feel you
      i wish for a miracle. 2nd male lead with Hyun Soo in the end pleasee

    • μ•ŒλΌλΌ

      once i don’t ship the main couple i can’t watch the drama anymore thats why my mind is set from the beginning on to like the main couple xD but yeees i love the second male lead the last drama i watched with him he was a really bad guy be i still friggin loved him haha

  • Widadulai Olowu

    my second lead syndrome has never been so severe…this drama is gold??

    • Ino Yong Senpei

      That guy always hit me hard with his characters..he is just amazing ..my fav role of him was in Who Are You

  • Okaybye

    Good thing that jungsun really clear the line between him and hong ah, im waiting for her to hit the rock bottom and see how wrong that she went through and lost so many good people beside her, gosh but she has that stupid sous chef (pity him compare to second lead)

  • reppinGAalways

    pot met kettle anyone? from where i’m looking the one going crazy over a man and throwing a friendship away is you. how many times does someone have to say they don’t like you for you to understand?

    • paradox.of.fate

      Can’t stand her! The whining, and the “I’m rich and can get any guy I want and those that don’t want me I will at all cost go for him” drives me crazy!

  • Evana Evans

    The second female lead is pressing on those typical things I hate in a kdrama button…i love both the male lead and second lead….wtf …its like the king loves all over again…also the doctor/chef who seems like the only one who can stand hong ah…needs to grow a backbone…and P.O. from block b is SOOO cute in this

  • μ•ŒλΌλΌ

    i dont wanna wait πŸ™