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Episode 13 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 13 Engsub
Air date2017-10-09


Temperature of Love Ep 13

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  • Chatelaineces

    Thanks Dramahood! Our Mondays and Tuesdays are packed full: Temperature of Love, 20th Century Boy and Girl, Because This Is My First Life and Witches Court.
    In particular, I am looking forward to the Jung So Min -Lee Min Ki tandem in the drama Because This is My First Life. This is the come back drama for Lee Min Ki. He was great in Spellbound. The guy can do dark characters, comedy and even rock music. Except for his very frail frame he tackles his characters with intensity.
    Temperature of Love, I think, will stay as my #1 drama choice for this period. The love triangle temperature has really gone up several notches.

  • Em8

    subs plzzz????????

  • Blackpïnk

    where are the subs???

  • Scarlettine

    Admin, how much longer for the subs? Thanks

  • paradox.of.fate

    Even the Wizard of Oz had a mean witch, this one may have 2! The rich biatch who thinks her poo doesn’t stink, and his mother who continues to feed off of him like larvae i a fish bowl. UGH!! Trying times ahead for the lead couple…

    • jana

      The witch was better than hong ah to me

  • jana

    I hate hong ah

  • WtfIsLife

    i skip every scene with hong ah, omg i can’t stand her lmaoooooo