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Episode 14 Engsub


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Episode TitleEpisode 14 Engsub
Air date2017-10-09


Temperature of Love Ep 14

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  • Chatelaineces

    That preview is so intriguing. Has the temperature of her love finally hovered around that of the tropic zone? Caliente!

  • paradox.of.fate

    Thought she might be in a tight bind until I saw the preview, Woot!!
    But is it really? Two gorgeous guys want you, rough life… lol 😉

    • eunmi

      ikr >.<

      • paradox.of.fate

        poor thing…lol

    • 알라라

      even though the main is reallly sweet i would choose the second he just is so goood looking lol

      • paradox.of.fate

        Agreed, been in love with him way back. Such sharp features. All over sexy! The main has a smile that will melt your heart tho? Eye candy all around…lol

  • MsMusicAholic1

    If i was her i would not be able to choose lol

    • eunmi

      omg same, like how do you even chose one of them ??

  • WtfIsLife


  • ydnas

    I feel so bad for the second male lead…he seems like a nice guy who’s going to be extremely hurt because his best friend/little brother and the girl he’s been in love with since he met her are actually in love with each other. i won’t be able to handle it )’:

    • FreeSpirit

      I feel u I feel u !!!
      Poor guy

  • meeemo

    6:24 what does she mean by “will think about it”???

  • meeemo

    i really don’t understand their convo at the beginning, i thought he wanted to focus on his restaurant for the time being?? or is that not the case?

  • Lauren ♡

    why did they have to make the second lead so perfect omg

  • Ice cream n soda

    The proposal….???

  • reppinGAalways

    i could already see where that storyline with her quitting the drama was going so that wasn’t unexpected especially what will happen in the next one. i thought they was going to drag out making those two finally get together so i’m glad for that. does this have really have 40 episodes? if that’s the case then i probably shouldn’t be excited about that because that means we’ll have a break up.

  • Okaybye

    Im afraid that park jung woo will turn into another evil in this drama. We hv hong ah and his mother, i dont think that would be fair if we add another villain, but it is also not fair for jung woo, he is so sweet and caring, my heart…

    • Ino Yong Senpei

      Ikr and why he is always unhappy in his dramas

  • Chatelaineces

    Is it possible that Jung Sun already knows that Jung Woo’s special girl is Hyun Soo? Tonight we get to watch eps 15-16. This is a 40 -episode (30 Min) drama. It is not even on the half way mark. There is time enough for many twists and turns. The preview suggests that Hyun Soo expresses her love for Jung Sun in their field trip. If JS already knows this then he might just put HS on friend zone explaining that his efforts are all directed to Good Soup. Then the storyline can include a marriage proposal of Jung Woo to Hyun Soo at the restaurant (the favor he asked earlier from Jung Sun). Both their careers fly with Jung Woo managing both of them. Then I hope the writers will find a way to get JS and HS together in the end. But strange endings have been happening of late. Remember, in the drama The King Loves, the second lead got the girl. The three of them remained good friends. In The King’s Woman, the Li’er chose death (to be with the second lead actor) instead of living with the King of Qin (the lead actor). The second lead syndrome is creeping into the ending as winners to get the girl.

  • miimi xxzor

    guys pls let us believe in miracle pls let them second male lead be with girl pls pls writer even if is just short ime atleast he can xperience the love he wanted…im ????

  • Chatelaineces

    Dear me! I was supposing how the story would be when Jung Woo sees the two in a lover’s embrace. I remembered the historicals I have watched that had been completed and realized how the second lead syndrome is beginning to show up in the endings. I didn’t realize that the spoiler alert referred also to completed dramas. So sorry!