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Episode 30


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Episode TitleEpisode 30
Air date2017-11-07


Temperature of Love Ep 30

Synopsis of Temperature of Love Ep 30


  • Chatelaineces

    Big casino houses cannot be easily brought down by any single player because they have huge capital. Theoretically, one card counting player can do a momentary dent but not real damage to its resources. Mr. Park is like that. He carries a long rope in terms of money. With a big war chest comes influence and power. He also is very patient. He thinks long term. Are all these factors now working in his favor re: Hyun Soo? Or, is the real culprit Jung Sun’s wavering confidence and trust in Hyun Soo and his own abilities?
    With ten episodes or five days to go, this drama has only two and a half weeks to completion. Sad days are coming.

  • Hogwild

    Unfortunately her boyfriend is insecure. Just walk into that hospital room like you own it and grab your girl in front of everyone. He is such a wuss. I’ve skipped so many episodes. Everytime I decide to at least look at latest, he is faltering. Then I stop play.

  • meeemo

    aww that last scene T^T

  • guccicarat

    this drama is getting annoying

    • paradox.of.fate

      You said it in the first 2 words…DRAMA!! This is just that, drama, drama, drama.

  • paradox.of.fate

    You can’t just have drama without something to laugh, smile or feel warm inside. Otherwise, you finish watching the episode and you feel yucky!! Precisely describes this episode. ARGH!!