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Episode 33 Engsub


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Episode TitleEpisode 33 Engsub
Air date2017-11-14


Temperature of Love Ep 33

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  • Em8


  • DyingtobeinKorea

    man I hate three way love triangles Hyun soo you’re an idiot!!

    • paradox.of.fate

      Bwahahaha Thank you for that! I’ve been moaning about her for the last 3 episodes. She was more mature when he met her 6 years ago, hell even 4 weeks ago. Wth happened? Don’t care much for her mom either!! lol

      • DyingtobeinKorea

        Yep she’s been pissing me off lately so I figured I’d better get it off my chest. Hong ah is a conniving little wench too. Argh these women give us good women bad reps you know? Sheesh

        • paradox.of.fate

          So true! I can understand losing your senses when you fall in love, but going from a strong intelligent woman to a bumbling insecure “because you said no to moving in i want to break up” kind of woman is just irritating. No woman with any brains becomes that irrational do they? Well I can tell ya, wouldn’t happen to me or you (hell any woman with half a brain) 😉 lol

          • DyingtobeinKorea

            And she said she wouldn’t be the one to falter this time. Yeah right. Dumb as fuck. Smh

          • paradox.of.fate

            lol tell me about it. Been doing a lot of the smdh lately. :/

  • paradox.of.fate

    Guess this was the pity party episode. Poor spoiled rich girl just doesn’t understand why?? Maybe because you have been hateful, deceitful to everyone that even gave you the time of day! Sorry didn’t care for her character from the beginning, and it’s only got worse. Please don’t get me started on the Hyun soo or her assistant. Seems all of them are digressing. Hope the writer gets back on track with these characters soon!!

  • dutchessdioji

    My parents would have known better than this. They would not have invited CEO Park to dinner knowing I have a boyfriend. They would have bought him a “Thank you” gift instead. I’m sure the mother had a feeling (before she asked) that CEO Park likes her daughter. Aside from this, I would not have gone out to dinner with just the 4 of us. I believe HS is being swayed on the low. I could be wrong though.
    P:S. I’m beginning to think that HS’s mother is not the person I thought she was.

  • dutchessdioji

    I’m sorry but that engagement ring would “not” have made me happy. It looks more like a friendship ring. 🙂

  • guccicarat

    sick of this one

  • seasafira

    I save all of eps till this drama ended.
    I got sick of triangle love