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Episode TitleEpisode 6 Engsub
Air date2017-09-25


Temperature of Love Ep 6

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  • Chatelaineces

    Funny how their ages don’t line up. The younger writer likes the young chef who likes th older writer who is attractive to the older investor.

    • Iwan Ridwan

      that’s why i feel the only genre that fit this drama is only Romance…only pure romance that we can feel. no comedy, sadness, family or anything. just romance between the two.

      • Chatelaineces

        It is a refreshing change from the dramas with dark undertones or even black comedy. It is an attraction among four adults, specifically two adults where the man is younger than the woman.

    • Andy O

      Their conversations are engaging and witty, even sexy at times! It’s so pleasant to watch them!

  • Em8


  • হিরণম্য়ী অধরা

    W8ing for subs after watching ep 5??

    • Em8

      Me too

    • Em8

      It so hard to wait after you have watched the ep 5 and now you wanna watch ep 6 but there are no subs?

  • Em8

    Waiting for subs????

  • jana

    I don’t know if this is right.. but how can he be so manky and at the same time like the cutest thing you can ever see

    • eunmi

      I’m going to be so torn in the upcoming episodes between both the male leads OMFG

      • jana

        Yeah!! Me too i think i will have a hard time choosing between them but as for me i mever watch a noona romance and loved it until now i really like the chemistry it is my first time not minding the age gap so i think i know it may be hard but i think i will be def a first lead ship

        • eunmi

          I know! 😀

  • eunmi

    Since 1 episode is split into 2, I HAD THE BIGGEST MENTAL BREAKDOWN thinking it’s the 2nd ep this week and crying about waiting another week but YAS THE OTHER episode IS COMING OUT TOMORROW

    • Iwan Ridwan

      yes, just aware that there are 4 episodes per week. KBS, SBS, and MBC try to bypass the national law in which 1 hour episode drama must be aired without any commercial break (amazing that they have a legal law that control commercial break in drama >_<).,

      • eunmi

        yes but since this format is new, i haven’t gotten used to it yet XD

        • Iwan Ridwan

          yeah i also feel the same. i hope they will stop doing that


  • paradox.of.fate

    and we’re back at where we started. Missing the loves of their lives for what 6 years? Way too long… At least this one is keeping my attention especially with the 1st leads and love the producer he carries the role perfect! Just can’t get past the whiny, gold digger. Kinda like his mama, those I cringe when they come on screen. lol

  • kez

    That FOOT BATH at the end of the preview though, it is so distracting.

  • Maria

    I’m shipping the main couple, they are perfect, and I also like the naughty interaction with the business man and the female lead, but whenever the business man is speaking with Jung Sun, they are so gay… I mean, the business man is very gay, Jung Sun just looks to go along. I’d say that guy (the business man) is bi in real life, but this is a k-drama, so… xD

    yeah, just wanted to speak my mind out. I don’t usually care for those “omg, bromance”, or yaoi ships coming from a friendship relationship, but… it’s the way that guy looks at Jung Sun, and the funny joke he said xD I’m having trouble memorizing their names, though :'(

  • Ms. Kimchi

    It was totally Jae Wook oppa’s episode. I loved his interaction with Jung Son, got me excited too…they are good at flirting 😛 😛 😛 Also he was soooo cool at the baseball field. <3 Both his proposals got accepted, with Jung Son calling him hyung too. Oppa boshita!!