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Episode 8 Engsub


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Episode TitleEpisode 8 Engsub
Air date2017-09-26


Temperature of Love Ep 8

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  • Em8


  • Yxz3

    i really like this drama. (: love the way they conversate and the way they connect and are attracted to one another. loving the chemistry between the main leads 😀 but omggg poor jaewook – why he gotta be second lead D:

  • Kitty Heppenstrijdt

    Their chemistry is amazing. Even in such a short conversation, you can totally feel the spark. I can already predict this is going to be a hard drama to wait for ever week !

  • Laura Palacio

    … the friend is a betrayer, i hate her.

    • jana

      She got problems

    • jana

      She isn’t a friend

    • Okaybye

      She is going to regret it cos i guess it is just her pride that make her acting like that, she is not liking jungsoo that much. The doctor friend who started it first, when they are eating together before and talked about it.

  • onigiri

    I can’t anymore hahahaha, always ” hélène et les garçons” OST, anyway this drama is DAEBAK!!!

    • #TwinHawa

      Lol yeah! It cracked me up when I heard “amour secret,..” reminded me of ” secret story” ??! They can find better french songs to be honest, not that these are bad but they are a bit old!

  • Chatelaineces

    Two people, after five years apart, pick up from where they left off and still have the spark. Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Se Jong carried that conversation very well and so convincingly. No tears and no histrionics…just the face off
    with a few sentences and with just looking into each other’s eyes. Their regret and their pain are expressed in their unshed tears mixed with a bit of anger shown in their faces. Such a well delivered “finally we get to talk to each woman other” scene.
    This drama makes my day.

    • Aznxsnow

      I totally agree with you.

      • Chatelaineces


  • Glenda Ludo Mabbun

    She pretend to be a good friend but shes so evil afff?

  • p.o omg

  • tsinita

    on the 16:00 mark. So this is how our good dramas get ruined! It has finally been revealed! This explains how good dramas that we were so sure to love flop in the middle of its run.

  • iloveromancecomedy

    ???? for this drama