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Episode 20 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 20 Engsub
Air date2018-04-10

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  • Summer Sunshine

    This episode made me feel like a wilted vegetable… If I was Kyungjoo, even if Shihyun told me he really liked Taehee I wouldn’t entrust her with him again. I’d always be on the lookout, because my precious friend simply does not deserve the pain he’s causing. And really, Sooji? She really things Shihyun would be happy to marry her. Wow at the start she said she didn’t want a fake marriage, and now she’s desperate to get it.

    • vivi

      I get why tae hee is sad, is makes no sense to break up with no conflict and he suddenly hates her, she needs answer but she also doesn’t want the pain anymore, therefore she avoids si hyun,

      Soo ji now know what she wants because she knows she can’t get it,
      the more I listen to what soo ji said, she just want to bring down people to her sadness level [for whatever reason]

      • Summer Sunshine

        Sooji needs an intervention… if she manages to get help and changes she’ll be so ashamed of the things she did in the past

  • vivi

    aah the writer, tae hee has been fine but why you need to make se joo called sihyun,
    in my fantasy world, se joo will help tae hee because her friendd want to finish off, se joo said it’s fine, he’ll take care of her then they talked about how their heart doesn’t go as they want, having some nodding and bonding moment before sending her off,
    if you need more spice, let soo ji see that, take a pic and send it to si hyun,

    Let tae hee get separated with si hyun,she had done her part by not looking for him and avoids him, why make her drunk and let se joo called sihyun?
    we could have that rare se joo and tae hee moments.

    • jiyongirl2002

      Haha..I love how twisted it all sounds but I would definitely want some se joo and tae hee moments!! 😀

      • vivi

        in some alternate universe, se joo and tae hee is a good couple, they both have scar from their family, both want to run off from their family but tied because they love their mother [se joo] and her father’s acceptance [tae hee], they also had made decision for their future, scholarship [tae hee] and the business [se joo].

        Make this slice of life of them trying to fit into their perspective world while breaking the chain from their family. Struggle to lives on their own, friends problem but keep their personality. Tae hee expressive love and Se Joo loyalty is like candy cane together.

        hahaha, it kind of silly because it’ll not happen.

        • Summer Sunshine

          Tbh i don’t want sejoo for her either… even though he is a reluctant player in the events, he still went with his friends’ plans knowingly so he still has some fault or mistake done towards taehee. In my alternate universe, someone great outside of the trio will come and make taehee happy haha

          • vivi

            oh, my alternate universe doesn’t have soo ji or si hyun so se joo will be more like himself, he just have that family shenanigans, he was opposed to the idea or hurting people, he even sends off kyung joo rather nicely, se joo just go along cause he can’t hurt soo ji,

            I also think se joo doesn’t need to end up with soo ji in this drama [the great seducer], he done enough

          • Summer Sunshine

            Oh no trio, then that’s all good haha. That would be a good standard romcom then, with a healing vibe

    • ✨Drama Queen✨

      I wanted that to happen as well

    • Naru22

      Agreed!!! This is the best comment for this drama until now!!! Absolutely loved it!!!!
      Woah…. I really do ship sejoo and tae hee😭😭😭 that scene should have been just as you said!!!! Shit!!! Damn!!! See joo should have taken care of her and hence from then on they should have become drinking buddies and relying friends!!!

  • seasafira

    Ok Taehee make me sobbing

  • Summer Sunshine

    Translation of the scene where sooji reveals the woman dad is meeting

    Sooji: Seol Yeong Won. She’s the same age as your dad and went to the same school. You understand what kind of story this is right?
    Shihyun: *looks a bit surprised which sejoo notices*
    Sejoo: is she someone you know?
    Shihyun: no. (To sooji) are you sure?
    Sooji: i saw them with my own eyes at the hotel.
    Shihyun: does your mom know?
    Sooji: yeah. it’s embarrasing but my mom even bought her work. you probably have a few of her works at your house too..
    **Skipping next parts because it’s just about the parents**

    After giving shihyun the brochure and looking at the back of it

    Sooji: her email is there. She has two studios, one in icheon and another in jeongeup **shihyun looks surprised because this was where the accident happened 2 yrs ago**
    Sejoo: What are you going to do?
    Sooji: Revenge. Take what’s most important to her… what would it be this time? Shihyun’s dad, her work? Or maybe her child?
    Sejoo: Choi sooji! **Because he knows the child is taehee**
    Shihyun (to sejoo): Why are you like this suddenly?
    Shihyun (to sooji): is the child married? (Lol it could be a son too shihyun-ah!)
    Sooji: no, i don’t know…
    Sejoo: yah, you guys stop it! Isn’t it enough that you know who it is? When the two of them get married, there will be a lot of news about it, there’s no way this woman won’t know about it. Later on if your dad continues to meet her, you can think about doing something about it then.
    Sooji: we can also do it that way, you can decide. (As if! Of course she already acted before waiting for his decision)

  • Naty

    Hm, I feel embarrassed for her drunkenself. That was big no no. She begged him to take her back too soon and alcohol will not excuse it.

    • La Sika

      Agreed, that pisses me off right now. Aishh

    • Summer Sunshine

      But this is actually what happens when a heartbroken person gets completely wasted. That’s why when someone is heartbroken and they drink they ask their friends to keep teir phones from them because they end up doing things like this. At least when she wakes up she’ll realize how pitiful she was and hopefully that will hasten her moving on

  • Sasha

    its gut wreching seeing them like this, I didnt expect to cry but I really did when she broke down in front of those aunts.

  • aziza

    when the little grandma noticed something was up with Tae Hee and she just let her cry, that made me tear up.

  • KAY

    Aigoo. Girl, you don’t go and do that. You need not to show that pathetic state of yours in front of that jerk. He needs to suffer a little bit more! UGHH

  • Ivana

    First of all sooji is being so freaking mean she isn’t the only person that faced hardships and she needs to get over it not obsess about it because it will cause destruction. second thing..I hope that tae hee and si hyun don’t get back together that easily because I can already see a full episode of them making up,having sweet moments together and then si hyun finds put that her mother was with his father and because of that he leaves tee hee again because if that happens I’ll be pissed..

    • dutchessdioji

      Exactly. Your comment is dead on!
      I love your name. My niece has the same name.

      • Ivana

        Thank you,It’s a very common name in my country 🙂

    • Naru22

      For a change now, I wish Tae hee will be the first to find out about their parents and instead she leave him first!! She should also break up like him without any reason and just say that she doesn’t like him anymore. Tit for tat… Though it’s mean

      • Ivana

        Maybe something like that will happen, he hurt her too many times so maybe she will do the same. This drama has so much potential I just hope everything goes well.

        • Naru22

          Agreed… I think the next few episodes will have soo much mess. Hopefully as you said, the ending would be fine.

  • Amary09

    I want someone to put sense into Soo Ji’s and Si Hyun’s dad’s head. They act as if the world revolves around them. Writernim, what are you thinking? How can Tae Hee and Si hyun be peacefully together? Can’t wait for next week.

  • paradox.of.fate

    and the white car slammed on her brakes just in time to see???? She had him, threw him away now wants what she threw away. If that’s not a drama don’t know what is…lol

    • dutchessdioji


  • Viktorija Trumpulyte

    Why is there no preview for the next set of episodes neither here nor on the internet anywhere? Are they taking a break ah…

    • Deborah

      they normally release it a few days before the new episodes. Since they showed the preview on the last episode i was also waiting for one on this too. guess we’re gonna have to suffer and wait …..

    • Lauren ♡

      because they haven’t filmed it as yet.

  • amanda

    this is no friendship, more like an obligation you can’t get out of, se joo coz he’s got feelings for soo ji and si hyun because he feels responsible for her, for what i have no idea, and soo ji just thrives of people’s pain and loves them cox she can use them to get it by using their emotions for her to do her bidding. but se joo has a conscience he just loves her too much to stand up for that conscience but he’s starting to crack coz he knows soo ji has si hyun on her mind and that’s not changing soon and si hyun found love actual love not that destructive infatuation he had with soo ji. i cannot wait for her world to fall apart.

  • Kayla

    tae hee stop crying why is this is so sad ahhhhh kwon shi hyun stop hiding you feelings omg

  • ki

    Why don’t they show the previews for next episode?

    • siruslysyd

      was just asking myself the same thing

    • Summer Sunshine

      That’s what they do lol the last episode having a preview was an anomaly jk

    • Lauren ♡

      because they haven’t filmed it as yet

  • angela

    Haishhh….I want Tae Hee to appear stronger…why they made her drunk and cried like that in front of si hyun….si hyun shoud do that instead…yeah it will be good to create something between se joo and tae hee too…there is no competition for si hyun at all….it’s unfair…haishhh….

  • Nimi

    got so much to write for this ep-
    1. breakup but still eating…totally my style. aanii, what our stomach has done wrong so we don’t eat though we’re starving, doesn’t matter whatever happens in life. i don’t get the people who throw the food or whatever, why?
    2. thought she liked him so much, but still knows how to survive, breakup doesn’t mean you will die, isn’t it reality? ( i haven’t gone through this situation so don’t really know, but according to my rational thinking. lol)
    3. her bold reply when her senior asked her for project so nobody dare to touch her even after she was drunk, wish every girl can be that much brave.
    4. her drunken voice is too cute to not fall for it. ‘sunbae, call me si hyun’… had girl crush or her. :p
    5. her heartbreaking acting in front of si hyun, just wow…
    6. think soo ji already know he has feelings for tae hee, so now rushing to finish their drama, and stopping their parents to get married,
    7. poor se joo can’t even express his feelings to soo ji neither can stop his friends from taking wrong step, while knowing is not good to play with someone’s heart….

    • Summer Sunshine

      Just want sejoo to leave them… but i wonder if that would even change them… sooji and shihyun both seem to take him for granted and are absorbed in their own issues.

      • Naru22

        Exactly!!! In a way, he’s the most sane person in the drama after tae hee. I wish now Seo joo and Tae hee connect in some way and become very good friends. Personally I don’t know why I ship them actually (ofcourse I know that it’s not possible). Now I just wish for them to be very good relying friends and teach SJ and SH a lesson. I really wish he abandons them atleast for some time so that they can understand his worth, especially SJ

      • Nimi

        he still thinks them as bff and love them that even knowing everything about them, still supports them , but they are just as u said, taking for granted.

  • Naru22

    Now I’m really getting tired of this drama. I wished tae hee wasn’t clingy at the end!! She was shown as a very strong character and I wished that would have continued. Ofcourse it’s her first time falling in love and experiencing such feelings, so she never holds anything back and does truly what she wants to do from her heart. She even gave SH another chance and in a way protected him. I just wish she wasn’t drunk and clingy like that, instead she should have talked with him very seriously asking about everything, telling that it’s our last chance and ask if why or he has something to tell her. Then she should have said him goodbye. That would have been better in a way….
    SH…. What to say…. I thought he was clever but I guess not. He’s believing everything that those stupid adults, soo ji says and getting manipulated. I know he’s also suffering for leaving tae hee, but somehow I can’t forgive him that easily. Now he knows what he has truly lost by losing tae hee. That scene where he walked behind her was soo damn good!! She was all the time when he was hurt by his family, but now he couldn’t go to her. He’ll really suffer much more in the coming episodes….
    Now I’m kinda bored with this stupid stuff, maybe I’ll drop this for a while…

  • Sayuri


  • Super chicken

    This drama was destined for failure, simply because the producers falsely calculated kdrama watchers sense of morality had evolved far enough where this subject matter would be appropriate. People watch kdramas for true love winning out in the end. Morality, wise words. Give the viewers what they want and they will watch it, give them what you think they want and they will watch something else.

    • EnzoAbbacchio

      Assuming that the audience shares common values, culture and approach, is obviously a gross mistake. As a matter of fact, the main drawback of this drama is the priggish approach to what was originally a libertine story. The result is a lukewarm and bland soup, a teen drama that surely doesn’t represent a menace for anyone’s morality.

  • Summer Sunshine

    Okay wait, this car that Sooji is driving now with plate 47누 4744… I believe this is the exact cart that hit Taehee. I’m going to go back to that episode of TH’s accident flashback.

    • Sena

      Interesting…Don’t know the details since I skip much but it’s his deceased mother’s car.

      • Summer Sunshine

        Oh I’m talking about a different car, not shihyun’s which he got from his mom 🙂

      • Summer Sunshine

        No, the car sooji is driving is her mom’s car, this was the car that hit taehee (as expected)… the red one is shihyun’s car.

  • Isabell-Mari / 마리

    eun TaeHee is seriously messing with my pride as a woman… im was so into the whole leaving without tears etc. like GOOD FOR YOU! just leave .. and then she ofc had to get super waster and make a total mess out of herself … bah

  • crappymanga

    come on!!! i’m waiting for something more interesting!!!!1 i mean i love taehee and sihyun but the story line is just not getting more interesting than this! please do something about it

  • Breii Diaz

    This drama is so predictable

  • Yza Katrìna Alba

    we gure?? weh weh?? cried too much of this episode! it’s like I am in Tae Hee’s shoes! :(((
    the good thing with this drama is you can never tell that they are simply acting but you can feel it all in your heart as if you are the character! love you Tae Hee and Si Hyun! can’t wait for the next episodes. aja! 🙂

  • Sarah

    I actually cried omf when tae hee asked sihyun what she did wrong and that she apologized already- when it wasnt even her fault

  • Pimy27

    For those disappointed because they thought they had found a strong female lead in dramaland I recommend another drama to watch while we are all waiting for the new eps where you will find what you were hoping for : Just between lovers
    Loved it 🙂
    (Btw in this one the characters seems more like real people – better written – than here so you’ll probably find even more than what you came for in the first place)