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Episode 21 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 21 Engsub
Air date2018-04-16

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  • vivi

    See Si Hyun, she is okay with what your mum allegedly did to her.
    She even gave her shoulder to you, she gave that answer in less than 3 seconds, she said it isn’t your fault in less than 3 seconds,
    She accept your answer if you are honest, she even tells you that you better to think again about meeting that woman, where can you find her if she ever left you? The only reason the relationship stay is because she is actually did something at the right timing, she chase for it.

    the drama still has trouble pacing but TH is still the most rational out of them.

    • rehab shakoor


      • DyingtobeinKorea

        What’s there to not understand?

        • Maria

          She said that because vivi watched it raw (I think) so she’s surprised that she/he understood what they’re saying.

  • Kazmonia


  • Judy Pieters

    Good! On time. Hehe i keep reloading for the eng sub. Thanks a lot dramahood! You never fail me. 😘

  • Schattendiebin

    Oh NO, what a SURPRISE! It took them ONE AND A HALF episode to get back together!? I kinda wanna punch a wall, just… how BAD could the writers make Si Hyun and Tae Hee?

    • Snoopie_doo

      Low ratings I guess :/

    • DyingtobeinKorea

      There are only 16 episodes in this drama, I’m not sure why you have a problem with Taehee forgiving him right away but he did what he thought he had to doto protect her and himself from getting more hurt in the future. I understand his reasoning, I don’t condone them though

      • Sena

        He could have simply broken up with her. Why humiliate her before his friends and her friend? How’s that ‘understandable’?
        He and his friends seem to be addicted to being mean and nasty…Especially SJ, she loves to believe t she’s ‘suffering’ because of their parents. Let’s take her money and resources away and let her ‘taste’ what it mens to suffer lol Spoiled, immature and irresponsible kids

        • DyingtobeinKorea

          Let’s be realistic here, we know the three of them are dysfunctional at best and can’t play nice with other. Taehee knew that from the beginning hence Sihyun being a dick in front of his friends. I’m sure deep down inside her she knew he was lying too, cuz she saw the tears in his eyes when he broke off with her, she must have known in her heart it was all for show one way or another, look how fast she forgave him.
          As for Sooji, well she’s just a vindictive little excuse for a bitch, selfish, self-centered, poor me. She doesn’t gives two shits about anyone but herself.

        • vivi

          it’s not understandable but tae hee had said herself, her heart wants to understand him and that’s the reason she gives him a chance,
          she also ask for time to really forgive him,
          I wish they don’t go back this fast but everything in this drama seems to be faster than it supposed to be

  • Sayuri

    Ahhhhhhhh why did she take 30 seconds to take him back wtf Tae Hee

  • Peg02
    • Maria

      With that kind of family, I would too tbh lol

  • kirasora

    oh it’s Soo ji’s mom who hit Tae Hee …. I thought she hit Si hyun ‘s mother

  • aziza

    it was quite obvious from the moment the car accident scene was mentioned that soo ji’s mom was the one who hit Tae Hee, that’s why she covered it up by saying it was Si Hyun’s mom bc her car got into an accident with Soo Ji’s mom the same night bc Soo Ji’s mom fell asleep at the wheel. Man I hate these parents

  • Justheart VIP

    im slightly annoyed she took him back so quickly

  • Sena

    TH experienced a hit & run and escaped death but maybe she was responsible as well, no? She’s still not careful…How many times has she been walking on the road [hotel] and now just jumping in without looking around…

    • vivi

      the next episode show how she gets distracted on the road and why she was so careless that night.

      • Sena

        OK and probably as in typical kdrama fashion, when they see a car coming towards them, they don’t run away to avoid it but wait for it to hit them in order to fulfill the writers’ silly plot lol

        • vivi

          her case is not about running away but the car get too close to the side of the road and hits her. She supposedly safe in that range, the car get too fast and out of control, the other things is that they abandoned her.

  • Sena

    Does it mean that the car that hit TH was white ? Is SJ using her mother’s car, which she said to the secretaty who likes her that it was put away in the garage.
    Then TH should do the maths: she knows that SH’s car is his mother’s and it’s red not white.

    • vivi

      I think TH will do the match next time, she just remember the detail this episode

  • Nyna

    yes they got back quickly, but how many times have you seen a drama where something major happens involving their family and the two love interest break up and sulk for a while and then get back together however many episodes later, i mean that can be a great concept but i also enjoyed seeing the couple forgive each other quickly for once. It was nice in my opinion

  • michinderamalobo

    i feel like this episode was a bit rushed… don’t yall think?