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Episode 22 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 22 Engsub
Air date2018-04-16

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  • vivi

    Si Hyun is really the emotional one, he can just accept the birthday before talking about the problem but then Soo Ji also need to have a better timing, you know his birthday before talking to the dad, but then the timing is right to put the strain on the friendship, they need to be truthful of what’s on their mind.

    Aah, TH tries to help SH mum when she saw her on the road and that’s why she is running on the road aimlessly, then get hits by SJ mum who is rushed to find SH mum.

  • Ha Ni Sa

    OMG soo ji’s mom is on a different level on the devil list..
    she committed 2 hit and run ..on a single night
    and frames si hyuns mom years later….uurgh…no wonder why soo ji is like that*devillish*

  • Sayuri

    3:42 lmfao obviously you’d be the singer xD

  • Sayuri

    “From your girlfriend who wants to be a great JOY to you.”

    • dori!!

      lol i was thinking that the whole time

  • Sayuri


  • cup ramyun

    If his ‘great punishment’ is gona be him dying, I’m gona throw fists. Can we just get the fairy-tale ending man, we ain’t strong enough to handle a sob fest.

    • Lena

      I don’t really remember cause i read the book a while ago, but i think he do die in the book…
      Fuck, i’m out if he dies..

      • mel

        He dies in the book and in all of the movies adaptations so…

      • vivi

        I remember that too, his character always died and I think there is story when she also died, the ending is always a sad one.

    • Justheart VIP

      in cruel intentions he dies by pushing her out of the way from an oncoming car and is hit instead. he also left her a notebook which we see si hyun writing in, IM SCARED IF HE DIES IN THE END IM NOT READY

    • Colordye 4350

      Saaaame. I want a happy ending too…..but lowkey, honestly, this is such a good series even if it does have a sad ending 😭 It’s weird tho, when there’s mixed feelings involved.

  • Schattendiebin

    Okay, cool now that he completely abandoned Soo Ji, there’s no need for me to keep watching the drama. I’ll watch the last episode, hoping they somehow find their way back to each other but I won’t be suffering through this anymore.

    • vivi

      I think she abandoned him 1st, the early ep shows that he wants her badly but she keep refusing.

    • I thought I was the only one!! I also like soo ji and it’s my first time liking a female 2nd lead I even tought she was the main at 1st

  • Sayuri

    Yesss preview fuck you Soo Ji

  • Judy Pieters

    My goodness! Si hyun is a emotional guy. He carry all the weight that it’s out of his business. Man, you’re lucky to have Tae hee in your life because she easily forgive you and lifting you up.

  • Ray.Exol.Melody.Monbebe 💜

    oh fuck :’) why do i feel like he’s dying or smthg… from the first episodes he fainted once or twice ! i’ve been thinking about it since ..DO NOT LET HIM DIE / IMMA PROTEST

  • aziza

    Soo Ji finally getting what she deserves. Also, I feel bad for Si Hyun for holding in all his pain and suffering alone. Hopefully he doesn’t have to do that anymore. Also, his wish about receiving a great punishment… we all know where that is heading, but you never know

  • vanessa

    Now lady’s and gentlemen!! I’ve told y’all that Shi Hyun will go back to tae hee and everything will end lovely!!
    Ofc it’ll happen a lot of drama before it ends, but they’ll not split up anymore
    Trust me.

  • vanessa

    Plus now I can sleep well haha!!
    Endless he got what I’ve excepted!!

    I really love that, enjoy that !!!
    Let’s be happy about now together!

  • KAY

    Even 5sec of Soo Ji in the preview boils my blood ughh please please at least give Shi Hyun and Tae a justifiable ending!! They deserve so much better.

  • paradox.of.fate

    At least there was a light at the end of the tunnel with the preview…

  • Sena

    SJ treats the boys like trash especially the other guy. It’s like they exist only to satisfy her whims and desires lol How can they put up with such a selfish creature?

  • Kayla

    I hope he doesn’t die like the book or the adaptations :((((( If he does then I will be too angry to trust the people who decide how it ends anymore. I am hoping that he lives and maybe even if soo ji sacrifices her life too that’s okay haha that’s mean but soo ji is mean too soooooooooo hopefully just hopefully!!!

    • kogamo

      I wouldn’t worry so much, since they drifted so much from the source material.

  • 6960x

    he is definitely dying. that ‘punishment’ …..

  • michinderamalobo

    that last line was my fave in this whole episode