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Episode 23 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 23 Engsub
Air date2018-04-17

Synopsis of Tempted Ep 23


  • vivi

    si hyun surprisingly got mature, every type of relationship can have an ending,
    the drama set up soo ji mum as the ultimate antagonist and soo ji always think her mum is a victim. Soo Ji knows almost everything but she always chose the bad choice.
    aah Se Joo stabs Tae Hee with his words, they really can be great if they have the same goal,
    it’s not that SH doesn’t need his friend anymore, he doesn’t need the passive aggressive friends anymore,
    Tae Hee accepted that Se Joo and Soo Ji will always be precious fr Si Hyun because it’s different with her, she accepted that she gets jealous and want the same but she can’t and that’s okay so the friends need to do the same too.

    also that white soo ji car still has the black-box to prove who hits Tae Hee and what happened that night, or Se Joo can help Tae Hee connecting the dots

    • Naru22

      Exactly!!! Tae hee is really a very matured character!! I really liked her explanations for everything that she gave to Soo ji. But I just wish she wouldn’t have broken up…. Ofcourse that’s a little too much to expect especially since it’s kdrama, especially when she knows that SH mother died on the way. So it’s not really easy for her to accept him immediately. On the side note, they didn’t show what completely happened in the night club. So I hope SH gets into trouble, then tae hee runs for him and they patch up immediately in the next episode as always…. I hope they patch up quickly this time.

  • dori!!

    ooooh fuck naw

    • paradox.of.fate

      HAHAHAHA! I’m trying to decide if I can stomach anymore of this drama, seriously. All it does is piss me off to all new levels. May just have to take a break. My happy place has ended (waikiki) and seems all I do is cry or get pissed off. Time for a movie break. Looks like 1987 finally has been released to the public, been waiting for it. I’ll keep cking in on the future comments to see if I will go any further. lol

  • Sayuri


    • Naru22

      Haha…. I like your comment sooo much👍🎉

  • Sayuri


  • Peg02
  • vanessa

    I swear why tf does she needs always to ruin everything
    She’s an anamzig actress but really I hate her character so fuking bad
    Yea I’m talking about soo ji

  • KAY

    I think I just heard something snapped inside Taehee and that she’ll totally lose it haha or at least I hope so…

  • vanessa

    Plus I really enjoy the relationship between Shi Hyun and Tae Hee

  • VP

    I think I have a very unpopular opinion but I’m getting annoyed by sihyun and taehee, they are all happy and their relation is perfect but sihyun has lied and now is okay and for taehee I’m just getting tired of the character. I prefer sooji and sego even though they are tortured characters ♡

  • aziza

    Soo Ji telling Tae Hee that she only care about her own feelings is so ironic coming for her. Just Soo Ji’s entire family irritates me

  • Maria

    I cried so badly i prolonged not watching these 2 eps but i couldnt with stand it any longer. I swear my heart hurt on so many levels throught this episode especially when sooji told tae hee . And when tae hee broke it off with shi hyun. I cried my ass off like a baby its too much.