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Episode 3 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 3 Engsub
Air date2018-03-13

Synopsis of Tempted Ep 3


  • Mugiwara

    How long before the subs???

  • Mugiwara

    thats a long wait ._.

    • Yumi-chan★

      they’re already out :))

  • Ilham

    I’m “Tempted” to watch it raw

    • eunmi

      Same 😂

      • Ilham


    • ChenTheBeagleLeader

      love this comment

      • Ilham

        Hahaha thank you😉😂❤

  • Summer Sunshine

    Wow kiwoong is a piece of work. While revenge on him isn’t worth it, he’s actually really asking for it.

  • kez

    Sad ending for this drama: definitely not acceptable.

  • hope d main lead’s dad doesnt like joy’s mom

    • amanda

      oh you best believe he does why else was he at the gallery hovering looking all sad and misaerable

  • Yumi-chan★

    Um, where does seducing Joy come into this?

  • Daniel Olanrewaju

    i love this. getting intense!!!

  • tamry

    I wonder if this drama will incorporate the original story’s ending?

  • Beyoutiful

    Love the friendship between Si Hyun, Soo Ji and Se Joo! And I ship Si Hyun and Soo Ji so damn much even though I know he’ll probably end up with Joy’s character ugh TT^TT

  • Ray.Exol.Melody.Monbebe 💜

    lol y’all are you sure Joy is the main lead ?

    • sashimiiiiiiii

      based on asiawiki yes she is.

    • Guest

      fr where is she

    • Arischa Nabi

      Yeah joy is the main lead

    • maydsx

      Yes she’s is .. it’s only second episode…

    • Ray.Exol.Melody.Monbebe 💜

      Ik she’s supposed to be, just out of sarcasm saying that .. Because where are her scenes :”)

  • LaksFan

    I like the second lead girl. is that bad?

  • JadedForeignDramasAngel

    Ok…someone said they got an ‘heirs’ feel from this drama…watching this one, I just got flash backs of Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin…they dark faced guy even stalked out of the room like KWB would have..and the lil cutie from Moon Embracing the Sun is a smoother version of LMH…Next Generation Stars and Fan Girl Crushes..?

    • paradox.of.fate


  • i1992

    I made assumptions before start watching this drama, so drama they are correct. Woo do hwan amazing as always, he is beautiful and a great actor, i hope he starts making really great dramas, like mad dog so he can reach the level of popularity he deserves.
    Joy is a hit and miss for me, a lot of people say she is ruinning the drama, i wouldnt go that far, but her acting skills arent enough to be in a lead role. She needs to learn how to express her emotions .
    The real reason i dont think this drama will great, it is because mbc is producing it. Mbc has great dramas from time to time, but overall has a lot of letdowns. I wish tvn would produce this drama, they more have creative freedom, they tend to choose great writers and producers and they had very interesting plots. the pacing of the this drama isnt very good and i am afraid they might be of lot cliches, but i will wait and see.
    Overall i will watch the drama, because i am curious to see how they will develop the story and of course woo do hwan, he makes it so much easier to watch.

  • amanda

    i don’t see any healthy relationships here nor future healthy developing they’re all so broken and damaged, even the friendship is somewhat toxic…they just need to walk away slowly. i can already tell seo ji is mad inlove with soo ji and jealous of si hyun which will not end well

  • Why do i feel this is foing to be long and complicated and sad ending but so interesting

  • LoveKang Daniel😘❤️

    I don’t get why joy is there.????

  • sashimiiiiiiii

    tbh im shookth, is this the same moon ga young from running man back then?

  • Ronald Harrington

    Is anyone else sick of rich, ungrateful, spoiled brats acting like idiots????? Oh wait, that’s 70% of Kdrama……nevermind…

    • paradox.of.fate

      Period dramas are on a 25 to 50% if that makes you feel any better. lol
      Try Chicago Typewriter? hahaha

  • Vic Hidden

    I predict this is gonna be like Ruler, Soo Ji will overtake Joy’s character and everyone is gonna shipp it wrong. The writer isn’t even trying to put joy’s character in the story, to me she seems totally off

    • 재스민 ت

      Well, in Ruler they really did the main female lead dirty but here I’ve read that the center of the story will be Sooji so… I might be wrong tho.

  • Sayuri

    Where the fuck is Joy lmao

  • PoshKitty

    I hope those two are kidding.

  • ThatGirl_

    3rd ep in and we still havent got much scene from the main lead…that’s weird haha 😛 Soo Ji ngl looks so good with the 2 main guys. Like I wouldn’t even be mad if they make a love triangle out of them three, just hoping it doesn’t ruin their frienships. I actually don’t know how the writer will develop these characters further. Lets see :>

  • maydsx

    I just want to say fuck You to shi hyuns dad. Like what kind of father says that to his son..

  • maydsx

    how can y’all ship shi hyun and soo ji that whole ass relationship screams toxic !!1

  • paradox.of.fate

    Hell the way this one is rolling it’s going to be at least 4 plus episodes before anyone starts a “real” relationship. (hell maybe never hahaha) lol

  • Summer Sunshine

    guys haha I hope someone can answer me… The family of Shihyun’s dad owns the JK group right? The grandma who loves him is his dad’s mom? Although they talk really formally with each other lol I’m guessing his deceased older brother was the favorite son