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Episode 14 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 14 Engsub
Air date2018-05-15

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  • Kay Mill

    I don’t know what to say about this show, I can only wait for the ending. However I will tell you where I stand that there is one soul in one body but a mixture of two memories. The banker soul is gone but his body and his memory are overwhelming the soul which was already to kind. I wonder if the bank had been in the chefs body would the same effect had happen. the show really makes us question who this man should be…….The writer have been slacking on the paranormal side of the story and like other have said been to favorable to the chefs wife. But that’s not the only unfavorable thing they’ve done

    • paradox.of.fate

      Don’t like what they created in the chef’s wife. They made her clingy, possessive and this ep she was downright deceptive. On the other hand the bankers wife has stayed cool and handled everything with class. Was all that really necessary? I lost a lot of respect for the chefs wife. :/

      • ClaudiaKdramaFan

        I think chef wife is poor and uneducated hence the tackiness and the bankers wife was always classy since she is from another status, they both good women I think he will end up mixing both soul and body and he just fell for the new wife it happens in life without body switching….banker wife is not only gorgeous but has a good personality how come chef is not going to fall for that…

        • Kay Mill

          I really love this show cause it shows how people really are shallow. The chefs wife is not tacky she’s insecure and that how low people become. Today we even saw it in the banker wife cause what women would try to hold onto a man that she knows it not her husband, she became just like the mistress holding onto something that is not yours, using a dire situation to manipulate a win.

          • paradox.of.fate

            It’s really a pity the writer/s decided to take it this direction. Don’t get me wrong, I dont need happy endings all the time, but this whole story I think was intended to be fun/romance and even the pic for the drama gives off the vibe that it’s a “laughing/smiling” situation and it ended up far from it. Just keeps getting darker… πŸ™

      • Blake Jackson

        Are we watching the same ep? Hye Jin has been obnoxiously clingy, the man has literally told her he is not her husband yet she continues to go after him. He gave her the divorce papers that SHE wanted signed. She called his wife who has been suffering since Episode 2 and told her she much continue to bear he burden of suffering because “she wants him to be happy” If that’s not manipulative, IDK what is. I don’t see any class there. Why would Yun Hwa not be possessive of her own husband? She has the right to tell him to come back to her.

  • sima

    After the subs I get this feeling that he’s changing again may be it’s me

  • paradox.of.fate

    JYH played sooo dirty calling the current wife and saying he stayed the night. Spiteful…The level she continues to go after him is suffocating! Don’t get me wrong, both woman are holding on for dear life. I just feel sorry for the husband. I’ll be glad when this dilemma comes to a close, don’t know how much more this guy can handle. πŸ™

    • JadedForeignDramasAngel

      Girlllll…that man’s shell of a body would not be moving with out JYH’s chubby hubby’s soul being in it. She’s right to fight for her man…

      The dead hubby’s body is just a vessel now…with a few remnants floating around…cause they needed to in order for his name to be cleared and his spirit to rest. He should have been more open and loving to his wife but he failed to do so and cheated with so many women.

      She’s forgotten that and has fallen in love with JYH”s man who was never unfaithful…She does not deserve to have that woman’s life.

      She needs to go ahead and quit coveting her neighbor’s man and move on with her life. No matter how badly we feel for her and how pretty and pathetic she looks while adjusting. She knows down deep in her soul that she is wrong, and that’s why she was so manipulative to JYH to try and steal that man…

      She’s wrong and that ain’t right….He’s a good softhearted man so he’s torn but he’ll have to find it within himself to say Sorry not sorry…Gotta Go…Bye now…Ya’ll take care, ya hear?? lol

      • Asymmetric

        I don’t agree. If you watch the video you can see that he is becoming more and more like the dead husband. I don’t think it was right for his wife to call the dead husbands wife. That was completly low and upsetting. When both wives were talking face to face and the dead mans wife told her that someone has to be the unhappy one every respone the chefs wife said I kept thinking that “Well then why did you think it was okay for HER to be the unhappy one.” I don’t believe that it is okay for the chefs wife to be as clingy and overdramatic as she is. Because she is acting that way if I was the husband I would feel detached from her.

        She wants him to just cut the other family out of his life but he cannot do that especially when there are children involved. Is he supposed to just ignore them on the street? Was he supposed to tell the dead mans daughter “Don’t call me I’m not your father?” The wife of the dead man has been through so much pain so I can understand why she is trying to hold onto her “husband” again, he shouldn’t have treated her so nicely because that’s all she ever wanted from him. Now I am not playing favorites at all because I love both women and want them to be happy. I’m just unhappy with the way the chefs wife is handeling the situation, she’s not seeing things from a realistic point of view, and it’s upsetting. She may be fighting for him, but she has to realize he is no longer the person she used to know, he is diffferent.

        Also a few episodes back they clearly showed that the son had some traits of the chef, as they had the same sleeping habits. The dead mans wife also said “he takes after someone.” because he didn’t take after the dead man nor the wife so I feel like somehow they are connected to one another. I really feel as though the writers should get to the bottom of that instead of making plot holes but meh.

        • paradox.of.fate

          Amen!! We must’ve been typing at the same time. Seems all the current dramas I’m watching have really ticked me off. Wished that they hadn’t gone dark with this comedy/romance/supernatural drama. Those are some of my fave genre’s and now they jerking us around til last ep? Really? lol

        • JadedForeignDramasAngel

          He doesn’t have to ignore the children or even her…obviously that will be ludicrous for the children to see this man and not think of their father. They loved him regardless that he was strict.

          Chubby Hubby was a good kind hearted man and he wouldn’t ignore them even if they’d not had such an experience with soul switching but if he’d known the dead hubby prior to life and was any sort of friends he would step in and do what he could…cause that’s the type of person he is.

          It’s wrong for anyone to think ‘Oh it’s ok for him to leave his original family to go be with the dead hubby’s family’…WHAT?? How WEIRD is that?

          What would that make him? He’d change completely who he was and that was not the objective of the ‘heavenly’ ‘grim reapers’ …that would be causing even more damage…they were focused on getting him back into his life…they even stated it at one point…and were fighting all the temptations and doing everything they could to circumvent him from falling for the other family

          Besides again think about it…What heaven in any religion means…it does NOT condone the lifestyle that the dead hubby lived…and would NOT reward him by further devastating and removing chubby hubby’s life by totally ending it prematurely and then giving the other guy another chance.

          If they do they’re going to have to do a serious reach and stretch to sell that immorality wins ending… doesn’t seem logical considering it’s KDrama…

          If anything..they’d follow up on the conversation that he had with his wife when they were teasing and kidding about skinny hubby’s body and how chubby would be so adorable in his body and had his face…not the exact words but paraphrasing Go back and rewatch that epi..it’ll make sense…

      • paradox.of.fate

        Ya hear, Ya’ll? lol Sounds like my neck of the woods? It’s funny you see her manipulating JYH, and I see the reverse. I do see her holding on to her husband, even tho she now wonders if it’s him. Seems we’re on opposite sides of the fence on this one. For the 1st 12 ep’s I wanted him to go back to her, but when he asked for time and she wouldn’t trust him I lost faith.
        I don’t think he will go back but I also don’t think JYH’s husband soul will be in there. I think the angels will have to make amends to this with a doppleganger!! lol I was hoping that the new wife would fall for the CEO, dang writers, they had plenty off time to set it up, but nooooo. We’ll just add it to my “Pisses me off” list of dramas! hahaha

      • Blake Jackson

        I agree fully. Hye Jin needs to move on and I partly blame the writers for letting it get to this point. They were playing up the fact that Sung Moo was pining for her yet they’ve almost completely been ignoring the man. If she followed the tropes, she would have eventually started to fall for him (like he speaks English…your daughter is failing English…duh), making Hyun Chul’s exit easier, but now they have her chasing after another woman’s husband and IDC how sad it is for her family, she doesn’t get to keep making another family suffer like that. Calling Yun Hwa like that to tell her that she has to suffer was just horrible, her family has suffered enough at this point. Hyun Chul isn’t wrong for wanting to set things straight with them but that’s all his moral obligation should be, making sure they’re taken care of, maybe spend time with the kids occasionally, but Yun Hwa has the right to want her husband back.

        • JadedForeignDramasAngel

          Yes…You see the forest and the trees…. πŸ™‚

  • just a fan

    Chubby wife VS beautiful wife
    Score ::::: 1 VS 1

  • kez

    I think this is made to be more of the husband’s fight than it is of the women. I mean it has to be the dead SHC or the alive SHC at this point not some **** made only to please the demanding viewers.

  • Sip On

    SHC is going to return to his real self, body & soul.

  • Josepha-Michal Walker

    No preview for next week! Wth???????

  • Josepha-Michal Walker

    Only 6 more episodes to go. That guy that’s in cahoots with the Bank President was that guy who Hyun Chul beat in high school and he has a grudge against him.

  • Blake Jackson

    FFS, Hye Jin is getting insufferable. It was bearable in the past but now Hyun Chul has told her himself that he is not her husband and LEFT. Sis needs to accept it and move on. Did she really think calling his actual wife and telling her to let him go because one of them must suffer when Yun Hwa is the only one who has been suffering the most this whole time was cute or something? Can Mao and Ato do something already? They’ve been getting more pointless as time goes on, it’s almost like the writers forgot they exist. When are they going to actually do something, it’s their mess and they’re just sitting on the sidelines doing nothing while these females drive Hyun Chul crazy