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Episode 9 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 9 Engsub
Air date2017-11-10


The Package Ep 9

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  • Moomoonkh

    So she’s his daughter?? What a twist 😂😂

  • Moomoonkh

    What a twist 😂😂 almost choked on my milk wtf

    • rockstar

      Wow. I see u everywhere.

      • Moomoonkh

        Got nothing to do so I’ve been everywhere.

        • rockstar

          What else r u watching at the moment?

          • Moomoonkh

            Temperature of love, Because this is my first life, The package, Man who sets the table, lover in bloom (ended), Meloholic, go back couple, while you were sleeping, andante, Borg mom, all kind of daughter in law, and some famous shows.

  • Em8


  • Ignis

    wow plot twist he never cheated on his wife. It was his daughter all this time wow so the wife is the only one having an affair

    • Gachip

      put the word SPOILER

      • Ignis

        lol thats one of the bad thing. to look at comments before watching. Beside it is the 1st thing you see when you watch the episode not really a major spoiling lol

        • Gachip

          sorry but i do’t agree….if your comment is the first one , even if i din’t want i end up reading it.

          • Ignis

            Sorry but that’s on you cause you are one of the few who complains on me. I dont have that issue because I never scroll too much to see the comment section lol

    • siruslysyd

      Is his fiancé cheating? I’m not sure. I mean it looks like it but maybe there’s some twist we don’t know about yet. This show likes to make people jump to conclusions

    • Zam Well

      i have the same problem when people want me to put a Spoiler Tag on my comments… why did they read first before watching.. as if the video is not up yet.. they will watch it.. as if our comments are gonna ruin their lives forever with some spoilers.. the video is up.. gonna watch it or nah.. that’s it for them.. sorry for busting in my opinion.. but i really don’t get it for those who wants a Spoiler Tag..

  • paradox.of.fate

    Really wanted to acknowledge how great of a father he is. (Besides being a great actor, oh, and handsome!) The couple who came back to the room hiding everything was hilarious and the older couple were cute. She finally found the thrill in the sounds of a casino. I used to go with my mom to Vegas every other year til she passed. We also loved the fun, never worried about what was lost or won, (winning the day before you leave was a perk!) just made memories like she did. Miss those days…

  • 4everYoungAnn

    i knew it was his daughter…..