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Episode 68 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 68 Engsub
Air date2017-12-29

Synopsis of The Secret of My Love Ep 68


  • My Kang Dan😍😘❤️

    How are they gonna keep the story going. There’s still 32 episodes left

    • Chatelaineces

      The double triangle remains. That is the first triangle of Su Ra, Ji Sup and Hae Rim and the second triangle of Ji Sup, Su Ra and In Wook. Yu Rim and Hae Sol will be the two persons who know that Jae Wook died and that Ji Sup lives. It seems that Ji Sup is twins with Jae Wook, sons of the Congressman and the Mom of Jae Wook. If Su Ra is the lost daughter of the Congressman with the disabled lady in the wheelchair then Ji Sup and Su Ra are siblings? Oops! Anyway, plenty of material for 32 episodes.

      • Mohd Razhar

        nope..ji sup n and jae wook belong to ji sup’s mother and in wook cant marry su ra as she’s the true lost daughter of the congressman…and they are considered as relative..