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Episode 26 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 26 Engsub
Air date2018-01-08

Synopsis of Two Cops Ep 26


  • Nour Alanqar

    was that a doctor stranger reference? “that quack” HAHAH

  • Aditi

    could it be DokGo, that new detective? Idk, I keep suspecting everyone at this point.

    • Athena Gliddon

      I think it is the reporter that just went to the orphanage.

  • paradox.of.fate

    Well all the puzzle pieces are fitting together finally. Looks like as long as Det. Cha lives thru this next episode??? Maybe his partner will possess his body just to keep him alive? Let’s hope he gets to the bottom.

    • The Yuna

      i was thinking about thatt too, but gong soo chang can fight worse than det.cha so might as well not.

      here im thinking 28 is the last episode, since all the puzzle pieces seem to be fitting tgt very soon!

  • Oyeniran Zainab

    the reference to exo’s album “the war”? at 4:37

  • Oyeniran Zainab

    I love it when cha dong take says “who says I am alone, I have a partner” a big amen to the brotherhood!!

  • Zam Well

    well, i more excited to know if Yong Pal can really see Su-chang than knowing if that prosecutor is the real Angel

    • The Yuna

      sameee!! unless yong pal is connected to the accident, he shouldn’t be able to see su-chang? can’t wait for the subbed next ep!

      • Zam Well

        i watched it raw and some of hilarious scenes made by those two XD

        • The Yuna

          haha i saw ur comment on ep 28..so knew u watched it raw. 😀

  • kDramaPrincess

    Everyone (except the 3 leads) is a culprit
    I’ve gotten to the point where I’m even suspecting the mute woman in the bar… I think She’s there for a reason

    • The Yuna

      i totally think that too, otherwise the prosecutor would not keep her around. they would show random girls instead.