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Episode 3 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 3 Engsub
Air date2017-11-28


Two Cops Ep 3

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  • Sayuri

    Subs pls <3

  • paradox.of.fate

    Wow that wink was sooo damn sexy. I really love this genre, and the eye candy only makes it that much more appealing. 😉

  • ThatGirl_

    Looooool! That nurse and Jung Seok is working together again hahaha :> It brings me back to Jelousy Incarnate days 🙂 Jo Jung Suk still melts me whenever he does something with his eyes. LOL How can one man have so much charm :>

  • Shwipsapa😍

    앗싸!!Jo jung seok oppa, hyeri, and kim seon ho
    What a beautiful ride this is going to be.

  • Athena Gliddon

    It is amazing watching them take on each other’s traits and speaking style. Consummate actors.

  • IFeelYou

    Am I the only one who felt disoriented? Because we started off with the detective’s POV and now it’s Soo Chang ? No offense to JJS because he’s amazing-he can copy the style and speech pattern of Soo Chang. My problem is the story is following the body, not the character, when i am invested in Dong Tak-his feelings, apprehension and motives…

  • jy

    I just enjoy watching Jo Jung Seok acting in a distressed state – he has always been taking up such roles and so good at it!!!

    P.S.: I have exams next week. The struggle is real.