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Episode 8 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 8 Engsub
Air date2017-12-18


Untouchable Ep 8

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  • paradox.of.fate

    I knew he was behind Aujussie. Too many clues from the last episode. This is getting veerrryyy interesting. lol

  • One Life

    thanks for the subtitle

  • UriDijun

    Yeah, can I believe that this boring plot of obsessive love for a dead woman will end?

    • amanda

      is this any good not many commenters active on this one which kinda makes me think it ain’t good

      • UriDijun

        It’s not that bad, but not that good either.
        Honestly, I’m only watching coz I’m a kdrama addicted and unfortunately there aren’t many good options these days.
        So, if you’re out of options too, I’d say you can give it a try, since it looks to be improving. If you want a really good drama, I’d recommend you to look for something else 🙂

        • amanda

          ok thanks these days there had been too many heavy dramas it was starting to get depressing which is why i’m hesitant to start this one maybe will watch later thanks

          • UriDijun

            Now that you said that… they’re all quite depressing, I have to agree 😅
            I just watched the first episode from a Korean odyssey, I think this one will scape from it, too bad subs are taking too long…

          • amanda

            yeah just finished watching it it’s amazing esp how it’s supposed to be scary but they fit in the funny just right lol

          • UriDijun

            The first thing that crossed my mind was “Master’s sun” and I just found out that it’s the same writers XD

          • amanda

            haven’t watched that one is good

          • UriDijun

            Yes! Pretty funny! I certainly recommend 🙂