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Episode TitleEpisode 2 Engsub
Air date2017-09-27


While You Were Sleeping Ep 2

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  • matilda

    daebak! great pilot episode! lee jong suk never ever disappoints the viewers.. i’ll be so hooked in this drama!

  • candle


    • eunmi


  • Glenda Ludo Mabbun

    Tear’s of joy amazing drama??

    • Naru22

      Agreed!!!! Tears of joy!!!!!!
      My words exactly!!!!! Finally I can breathe….

  • Copbrat

    WOW! Amazing start! Love the plot & excellent portrayal of the cast! Of course with Lee Jong Suk, you always expect & receive the very BEST! FIGHTING WYWS!!!!

  • Minnie&Mickey

    I don’t know how you do it !
    Thank you [email protected] for the subs

  • cup ramyun

    OMG. Just the first episode and i’m already in love. This is a hella good, totally worth the wait.

  • WtfIsLife

    there so many good dramas this year likeeeee yaaaaaas feeling blessed

  • Maria

    Ok, ep 1 was boring, but this one was really cool! Didn’t expect this… But the resume said the girl saw the future and now the guy does too? Weird… But I think he has the power to change the future, or something like that… Cause she never could change it, she just saw it, and probably he will complete her powers…

    Ok, I’ll leave theories for later xD

  • srndpty

    You know a drama is gonna be lit when you cry at the first episode

  • Angola Sarah

    I’ve been waiting for ages for this drama great leads, plot argghh this is gonna be AMAZINNGGG !!!

  • Jinan

    usually only one see the future but BOTHH!!!!! this is really interesting. Now I’m having high hopes for this drama, can’t waittttttt for next ep TT

    • jana

      Hello ! Jinan is an arabic name I couldn’t help myself but replying to know ?
      And it really was an amazing first episode really impressing

      • Jinan

        lol, yes you`re right ^-^

        • jana

          Hello chinguu? i am too

          • Jinan

            Hi chinguuㅋㅋ<3

  • Andy O

    I really, really love that director!

  • UriDijun

    First day and I already love it! ❤❤❤

    • M.Drama

      Yeah me too and at first I wasn’t even gonna watch it both my twin convinced me and I’m glad she did, love it!

  • Sarah

    I’m kinda confused, did he dream the entire first episodes ending?

    • M.Drama

      Yes I think so. It seems that they both can forsee peoples death in their dreams

    • Zam Well

      the moment that the male lead knocks in front of the female leads door.. that’s the start of the male leads dream until the female lead jumps off the roof.. the female lead reality is only from that car crash moment. she knew that her mother will die, that’s why when the male lead start to talk about what will happen if he didn’t crash his car, the female lead pick up the pieces of her dream, she didn’t know that she will be framed..

      • Sarah

        Okay actually I think his dream starts when it becomes Valentine’s Day, right? Cause he said he’d previously had a dream about Valentine’s Day too, meaning it hadn’t happened yet, but since everything else happened that means that wasn’t a dream in the first episode?

  • Jaclyn Yoo

    this is sooo good! suzy’s acting really did get better, lee jong suk is still amazing as always, and everything about this is great

  • jana

    Amazing 1st episode
    Loving it so much
    Lee jong can’t disappoint us in his choice
    Bae suzy doing amazing job she is improving

  • beloveds idkidk

    I’m confused, do they both have dreams? Or is it just the guy?

    • kathleen hazel

      both of them have dreams

  • Wanna Be

    I want whatever this writer was smoking when they wrote this episode #genius!

  • Gachip

    wow Lee jong Suk never dissapoints!!! He is great..and I like Suzy in this show…her acting looks more real…Love Hwang young hee , her mother….she is great!

  • Dermie

    OMG… Dis is so good and I want d OST now please…….I jst realized how much I missed lee Jong suk.
    P.S- some1 better tell lee min ho to come get his girl cos…..

    • paradox.of.fate

      I just tried to download the ost! Loving it!!

      • Miau

        whereeeee??! I want it! <3

        • paradox.of.fate

          Just Google Eddie Kim “while you were sleeping ost part 1” or the name is “When night falls”. I make sure to include mp3 download in my search. Be careful some of the sites are terrible with spam. I have a few decent ones that i get mine from. Been listening to it all night last night. 😉

          • Miau

            oh I go to youtube then with a few reccomended converters I convert lol and put it in my mp3 player 😀 thanks!!! will definitely search for it. I’m currently in love with this song I saw in this mini drama of Choi Daniel that I had heard before in other dramas particularly heirs and LOOOVED it, and I’ve been listening to that one because is so beautiful

          • paradox.of.fate

            I also have that one. I have a playlist called “Easyfaves” and one called “Jam”, of course I have that one under easyfaves along will a K.Will, JaeJoong, Standing Egg, O.When, Kwak Jin Eon and a bunch more. It’s what i listen too when going to bed or in need of destressing. Then I have Bigbang, JYJ, BTS, T.O.P, Monsta X and Taeyang in both catagories like Jae Joong. lol I think I hit over 2 or 300 kpop/ost’s which is all I listen to now. Let me know if you need any recommendations. 😉 hahaha

          • Miau

            I have no clue of what you said lmao I only have very few songs from kdramas I’ve seen lol I don’t really do kpop so I have no idea what names you said lol but when I find a nice song that gives me the feels like one in heirs that has been used in other dramas I just have to have it :p I download them <3

          • paradox.of.fate

            lmao too cute!! Well that’s how I started a long time ago, you may end up just like me in 5 years. hahaha

          • paradox.of.fate

            Ok if you like the heirs ost then at least try K.Will “Love is you” it’s from Arang and the magistrate or even BYJ “Forgive me” ost The Legend, and one of my favorite artist’s Kim JaeJoong “”I’ll protect you” (But then again I have like 75 of his songs . The ones that destress me; Kwak Jin Eon “Go with me” & “Walk with me” Both are beautiful and lastly Standing Egg “Sleepless” They are amazing talent. After hearing just a few of their songs I downloaded 40. Just give some of those a try and see what you think. You may just discover a whole new music world like I have. 😉

          • Miau

            I love many songs of the dramas, I’ve said myself I think koreans have superpowers lol with their music, is AMAZING it makes me feel so many things and it inspires me to write, I’m rewatching heartstrings, for like the third or fourth time I think lol and I’m downloading a couple of songs from it <3 is so amazing.
            From Heirs the one I was listening is Park Janghyun – Two People <3 so sad but so beautiful
            I will check those out tomorrow for sure, chingu! thank you! 🙂

          • paradox.of.fate

            I have a few his too. Such a beautiful voice! I used to do a lot of creative writing in high school, but after finding my career it fell to the wayside. A few of my girlfriends told me to write a book on the craziness of my life, because they are always asking to hear my stories. lol Maybe one of these days… Don’t stop writing! I do regret it.

          • Miau

            I mostly write journal style on personal experiences on love and life and sometimes life as a teacher of little kids, and the occasional poem but 99.99% I write in Spanish :p

          • paradox.of.fate

            Wow, that is very unique and very cool. lol I did the same during my difficult high school years, think it might have been the only thing that kept me sane. lol My mom was an author, she also wrote many journals, but ended up burning them as a healing process to “let go”. I still have many of her papers, but would have loved the chance to get to know that part of my mother that I didn’t get to know prior to her passing. Guess it wasn’t meant for my eyes… 😉

  • Iwan Ridwan

    This drama is really intense and beautiful at the same time, i want to watch it moreee.
    Suzy is so pretty here, sooooo prettyyyyyy <3 😀

  • Jevva Manies

    Waoew taebak oppa lee jung suk and suzy bae….i like them….???

  • kapoyani

    Oh very good!
    I didnt see this before i read a blog from netiznbz or something and it was bashing her acting
    But im glad i watched this regardless of those comments
    Because this was good. They all did well and the story is interesting. The plot flows well.
    It has the cinematography of W and Goblin. Beautifully shot.
    so far so good ??

  • Jevva Manies

    Great drama….. ???

  • Park Jannie You I

    Finally!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!……..amazing drama are hereeeeee!!!!…..

  • deepika

    Both of them get dreams about future? Wasn’t it supposed to be only Suzy Bae?

  • paradox.of.fate

    This blew me away in just 2 episodes. I’m hoping they can continue to keep up with this awesome pace. The acting and story writing are far better than I could have anticipated. Woot! Will be looking forward to another drama!

  • Cherry Ann Caballero

    ..would surely love this new drama ‘till the end! ??

  • xxxsolace

    ITS ONLY TWO EPISODE BUT I ALREADY CRIED TWICE. The bgm and suzy crying make me cry as well.

  • CoolGuy

    My brain literally melted when I realized the whole first half of the episode was a dream and then it actually started happening

  • A.e

    I can’t even tell in words how PERFECT this was omfg

  • Okaybye

    Everyone that said her acting is getting better, well her acting was good and still good since long time ago, i enjoyed her acting in UF when many said she is annoying that always yell, she still yell here, and nothing wrong with it, thats how she express her frustation.
    Back to topic, amazing drama. Lee jong suk is amazing as always
    Bae suzy, fighting.. supporting you always ?

  • OnsYeol61 EXO Biased ~

    AM SHCKED YET EXCITED … Like if it’s the 1st ep and it’s sooooo perfect like that how will the other eps be like???!! No wonder our LJS skills as always <3 He always choose the perfect and the right roles to act also Suzy acting skills got much better …
    i'm sure i won't never and ever regret watching this drama !!!

  • Marc Gabriel Ramos

    hahahahahah didnt see that coming 🙂

  • happystar

    Okay…I seriously thought this was a what-if scenario. If I did saved her, this could’ve happened. I was so confuse up until the last 5 minutes of the episode. Rofl.

  • Rose Tyler

    One of the best drama Premieres I’ve seen yet. They started with a BANG. I’m glad they saved everyone so far lol.