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Episode 6 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 6 Engsub
Air date2017-10-04


While You Were Sleeping Ep 6

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  • MangoPie

    And now we Wait <3

  • Zam Well

    its up already yey 😀 kamsahamnida

  • yellowMamba14

    that was fast! #engsub

  • Zam Well

    wahahaha the lottery ticket XD

  • Zam Well

    3 Flying Dragons – The First Dreamer, The Prosecutor Dreamer and the Police Dreamer.. What a team 😀


    • ash

      dream duo

      • ash

        wait no duo, trio

  • Naru22

    Great as usual dramahood!!!

  • Susmita Chandekar

    i really love this site~~~

  • Ma Wajid

    Its really super fast . Hatsoff dramahood deabak??.

  • cup ramyun

    This is bloody brilliant! Cannot wait for Jae Chan to kick some ass.

  • Glenda Ludo Mabbun

    He say no need money but he memorise the lotery numbers???

  • tamry

    oh no! its happened! second lead syndrome! darn it. I fell prey again!

  • Chatelaineces

    Temperature of Love, another drama currently airing, draws you in immediately. Every scene is woven into the whole fabric and the audience buys in within three episodes. This drama, on the other hand, drama borrows from all over. The title is taken from a love story movie starring Sandra Bullock. The backdrop feels like Pinocchio and has picked up a few of the actors there. There are three prescient characters who coincidentally meet one another and work together to interfere with fate as revealed in their collective dreams. Definitely shades of X-men.
    I think this drama is trying too hard to dazzle. It is the sixth episode and I am still sitting on the fence.

    • izzy

      You don’t have to compare 2 dramas, they aren’t even airing at the same time for you to have a hard time choosing, but if you don’t like WYWS don’t watch it,as simple as that.Nobody is forcing you to sit on a fence for this.
      The title name is actually Dangshini Jamdeun Saie, its only for people like us that they give an english translation name for it, technically its not borrowing any movies name. In korea its known by the hangul name.

      • Chatelaineces

        I was referring to the way the story development was constructed and delivered. I sat through Lee Jing Suk’s W and like it from the first episode. I feel that was an even more difficult concept to deliver but was intact despite the two worlds. My critique was not aimed to malign the drama but to express my own frustration in not getting it as fast as you. Sitting on the fence is not necessarily a bad thing. Just give me more time getting into the groove.

    • sleeplessa

      Interesting, cause I feel the opposite. I’m enjoying Temperature of Love, but finding some of the characters annoying which makes me hesitate to watch it. But this show had me hooked with the first episode. I think it is doing a good job of balancing character development with expanding the plot. Really any show will be similar to something else you’ve seen, but this premise is pretty original, so I don’t really understand the complaint that it is taken from all over. Even if they had taken ideas from all over, putting them together in a new way is what makes a show interesting. The two shows are different types (melo/romance and mystery suspense romance) so its hard to directly compare. I guess everyone has their own taste, this one is my preference.

      • Chatelaineces

        I am happy that this drama resonates with you immediately. Perhaps, in a few more episodes I will get off the fence and join you in enjoying this drama wholeheartedly.

  • Rosy jackson (kai)

    i smile so much when i watch this drama bcz of lee jung suk my heart flutters every single time i love him so much it just cant be describe with words

  • Rosy jackson (kai)

    hahah the lottery ticket he looked so sad when she said it was a lie i thought it would be true but it was a lie hahah

  • izzy

    Dramahood your the best !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nancy

    Omg the song in the end when they show the pictures in the memorial area its by Roy Kim but what is the title name I never felt so much at ease since the last time I heard one of Roy kim’s ost for Pinocchio

  • FreeSpirit

    This drama is so good.
    The trio ✨✨

  • paperheart

    I just watched all the episodes so far and I lowkey regret it… bc now I want to watch all of the eps now!!! This drama is just too good!!

  • A.e

    I love that in this drama the main actor isn’t loved by everyone and not .perfect he’s simple and still at the beginning and try his best to be better