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Episode 8 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 8 Engsub
Air date2017-10-05


While You Were Sleeping Ep 8

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  • Zam Well

    I’m here again and its RAW XD.. Cooking…. cooking!!!

  • Zam Well

    7 mins later and its sub XD kamsahamnida Dramahood!!!!

  • The Yuna

    thankuuuu subbers! jjiang!

  • Minnie&Mickey
  • Beyoutiful

    can’t believe how fast you guys are! thanks so much <3
    suzy and jongsuk have such a good chemistry together ugh i ship them so much :')

  • Zam Well
    • tamry

      I’ve been shipping them since Page Turner.! but at least she fell for him in this one. I really want them as leads in their own drama.

      • Zam Well

        theres a tume for that.. it will come 🙂

      • oxyjennie

        They have really good chemistry together. I hope they get cast in more dramas together

  • izzy

    That dream kiss was so doki doki, it was making my heart beat so fast.

  • Fatin Faten


  • iloveromancecomedy

    While watching this episode, I was crossing my fingers, hoping that things will work out well ugh! Such a nice drama! I want their chemistry and the way the story is moving. I’m also curious why does it have to be the them that dream that happenS to real life. I love the drama! And also dramahood for the fast subs! ??? saranghe ?

  • Ma Wajid

    Ep8 was great ????.

  • Carol Rombaoa

    Daebak! The fastest sub ever!

  • diddy lalaa

    I ship suzy and jongsuk but damn the police officer is hot

    • Naru22

      The police officer is also hot!!!! And I think he too likes her…

    • iloveromancecomedy

      So hot! ?

  • Farah Rizka Rahmatia

    Do i really have to wait for another week :((. It’s killing meee??

    • Naru22

      Yea!!!!!! 7 more days??

  • Glenda Ludo Mabbun

    First kiss? higop king??

  • ohs

    i ship everyone with everyone lmao

  • Pat6

    So the kiss was a dream? Well i dont care at least it happened in real life wahaha

  • suzi_bae

    It was a dream! ???

  • fool

    this drama reminded me so much of Pinocchio, I looked up the screenwriter only to find out it’s the same. OMG THIS IS EVERYTHING I’VE EVER WANTED

  • Iwan Ridwan

    With a short hair. Bae Suzy and Jung So Min are so much alike….o_o

  • A.e

    I screamed so loud when they caught this bitch ass husband omg I loved this episode

  • alicia?

    the end was just SO CUTE

  • Nice epe!!!

  • Sarah

    Dang so it was gonna happen but he changeddddd it

  • sonia bhukal

    I ship suji with Jung sook but I already started having second lead syndrome.??

  • JJ❤️

    Absolutely in love with this drama, and all the chemistry that each of the characters have ? Waiting for next weeks eps just seem soo far away!! ??

    On another note I feel like NHJ, JJC & the policeman HWT, are all connected through the mysterious soldier. NHJ & JJC’s dads we’re both killed as a result of that guy and I’m reaching taking a guess here but maybe that’s HWT’s dad…although I really don’t want it to be because he’s so cute, lowkey shipping NHJ and him, but still really love NHJ&JJC love line ?

  • kapoyani

    so good. and even better STILL so good ^_^

  • 알라라

    NOOOOOO WHY DID I STARTED TO WATCH THIS i shoiuld ahave waited

    • paradox.of.fate

      Thats what i always say… lol

  • paradox.of.fate

    Jong Suk sure has changed. His face is so much more relaxed and he seems at peace. Maybe it comes with age or love? lol All I know is between him and the police officer we have some hotties to enjoy in this series. 😉

  • Iwan Ridwan

    .Lee joon suk is always cool, Suzy is always pretty.
    But this drama, how should i put it….Really really Charming and wonderful
    the more i see it the more i aware the beauty of this drama.
    Preproduced drama is really excellent.

  • happystar

    This could’ve been a perfect ending xD Now I have to wait for the next episodes T__T

  • Brooke

    Did nothing happen to lawyer Lee when his client openly admitted that he fabricated evidence?!