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Episode 1 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 1 Engsub
Air date2017-11-27


Wise Prison Life Ep 1

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  • amanda

    all i want to know is are there women in this drama or any kind of romance

    • Jinan

      yes. there’s Krystal and Lim hwa young, and it looks like Krystal is in relationship with the lead. but since the drama is all about the prison life maybe will get more bromance instead!! it’s so early to guess tho^-^

  • i guess this is the drama that no one wants to sub.

    • keren


    • DyingtobeinKorea

      Dec 1 netflix

      • wow. so thats why

        • DyingtobeinKorea

          tep just like Argon, a lot of TvN and jTBC will air on Netflix Good Morning Call 2 is finally on Netflix for North America in case u wanted that

      • Okaybye

        So what will happen to people who cant access netflix 😑 im paying for netflix but never saw kdrama there, probably limited in my country, so sad

        • DyingtobeinKorea

          I know it will air on Dec 1, as for the others like Black, Argon etc they are already airing there maybe you should double check. I don’t know where you’re located so I cannot help you.

    • Aleeha Butt

      Its finally getting subbed😂

  • Twes

    Why no sub’s till now?????????

  • Lunae Carmen

    After seeing the ratings of the drama I can’t wait to watch it. Apparently highest rating of 1st ep as a tvn drama of the year.

    • really but why are subbers off duty for it.

      • Lunae Carmen

        I have no idea but why this happens a lot for tvn dramas…

  • Evana Evans


    • ChanVisal Tum


  • PandaQueenJ

    i waited for this for so long but there is no one subbing it 🙁

  • Pri Jain

    Why it is not subbed yet?

  • amanda

    still no subs hey oh well …………….OUT!!

  • amanda

    THE prisoners look creepy or is it the bowl cut on grown men that’s jst not right

  • christie

    its been 2 days and no sub yet, i checked every morning and night:( 🙁 someone please sub, i really want to watch this

    • Michela Ribeiro

      it’s subbed!

  • ShoYong

    I feel like tvN dramas dont get subbed anymore lmao

  • Js Fitriani

    No sub everywhere.. so sad

  • Michela Ribeiro

    The subs are here !!

  • DyingtobeinKorea

    there is no sub file to download I get error notices @officialdramahood:disqus

    • Official Dramahood

      subs are hardcoded in video, couldn’t find separate srt file.

      • DyingtobeinKorea

        ok thx

  • Jevva Manies

    It’s finalli to sub….😀

  • 강한 ~

    is it worth to watch it ???

  • Miss-Gaara Rose

    Sorry dont wanna be that girl but I sense a epic bromance heading our way.

  • Okaybye

    Such a great drama story, wow.. kdrama range is getting bigger

  • lmao is he onepucnhman

  • im laughing at the sad scenes and crying at the funny scenes