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Episode 12 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 12 Engsub
Air date2018-01-09


Wise Prison Life Ep 13

Synopsis of Wise Prison Life Ep 13


  • HaveFaith. You did well.

    lol… today fight is: Hanyang vs Yoo and Hanyang vs Kaist.

  • Just Between Lovers ❤️

    Junho x Jehee is sooo cute!!! Lmao Hanyang x Kaist fight always gets me ROFL xD

    preview episode 13… Captain Yoo looks so damn baddassssssssss!!!!!!

  • Funda Bostan

    subsss pleaseee 🙁

  • ant

    hanyang is such a sweetheart…no wonder jaehyuk adore him so much. and he saved jaehyuk life this time.

    • ant

      and yoo daewi will be showing his manly and rough side next week. prepare your heart

  • Damilola Bada

    i dont know what the warden said to captain na but i fell in love with him cos i felt he was defending lietunant paeng

  • Mamley Quartey

    Great drama- no fanfare, no hype, great cast, solid acting and directing. It is understated yet brilliant.

  • hanyang’s relationship with his boyfriend warms my heart, but i have a feeling that it won’t end well.
    and that fight between captain yoo and hanyang was freaking hilarious, what’s up with captain yoo drilling his foot into hanyang’s butt. XDD

  • paradox.of.fate

    Finally ready to call it…this is my favorite drama running. Love Just between lovers, but this makes me laugh and cry. The scenes with all the guys knowing each other so well and having each others back tops it! Them getting up and going to the bathroom just to protect him and Loony making sure he doesn’t get a “doping” charge. It’s just the best! Kudo’s to the wacky warden who proved he wasn’t a pushover after all!! Woot!!

    • Damilola Bada

      wise prison life and just between lovers.. the story line of both = superb.

      • paradox.of.fate

        Sure is. The character depth for each of those dramas exceed anything that I have seen in a long time. (Kill me heal me might have been the last one with so much depth?) Will be watching both of these again for sure.

  • Mery

    sadly tvN doesn’t have an award ceremony. But if it did this show would take everything.

  • Athena Gliddon

    Sometimes it is hard to tell if he is the smartest or the stupidest guy in the room, which is why I love this show.

  • noona park

    One of the best drama i will called it “the sky is the limit”.

  • sona

    Junho×jaehyuk = friendship goals😇