1 Season 16 Episode

Episode 15 Engsub

General information

Episode TitleEpisode 15 Engsub
Air date2018-01-23

Synopsis of Wise Prison Life Ep 16


  • mercyyass

    im lit. crying ,,, hanyang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why????????????? why?????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Amulya Kolusu

      I’ve watched livestreaming and that single scene left a bad taste for the whole show, Hanyang is my fav character and I was so eagerly waiting for his happy ending.

      • mercyyass

        so am I , I like Hanyang a lot! he ‘s been doing great so far.. but why!? T.T where is my happy ending?, it doesn’t felt right/ good after that scene. tho Im happy for Min Chul.

    • jae hee

      script writer tells the sad truth tho. reality is really the main genre for this drama

  • HaveFaith. You did well.

    MIn Chul Appa TT.TT what a great year for you.
    Hanyang TT.TT Wae?!!
    tomorrow is the last ep, but why the preview looks so intense?

  • Jinan

    Hanyang WHYYYYYY??? you’ve been doing so great why now??? but who the heck planned that??

  • ant

    hanyang….. why?!!!

  • Danda

    i find that drug addict “looney” so so cute.

  • jana

    What is the song when hanyang left the jail ? At 43 min

    • paradox.of.fate

      “The Door” Mino & Seung Yoon Kang I already downloaded a few episodes ago. Love all of the ost’s from this series. 😉

  • noona park

    Who is chief Yeom?? I think he is the one who set up Han yang..

    • goGRLambition

      Chief Yeom is the old chief of the workshop. He didnt know anything about Han Yang to set him up.

      • noona park

        Oh i see.. thanks..

  • xxxsolace

    Bullshit, who the heck planned that to Hanyang? Guys dont take drug, once you take it, its like impossible for you to quit it.

  • paradox.of.fate

    Right when I thought I was done crying they started pouring again. It was a constant on and off. So many thing to be happy about and shed tears, but so many that broke my heart into pieces. Still one of the best dramas in my opinion.

  • δήμητρα

    i think if you look closely the one who set up hanyang is Captain Na disquised..

  • Yxz3

    I neeeeed to know who set hanyang/loonie up

  • Asma lockheart

    Hanyang WTF WTF is going on ?????

  • goGRLambition

    I feel like what happened to Han Yang was entrapment. You mean to tell me you had his old drug dealer meet him at the prison doors as soon as he was released. Come on and it was obviously a deal the dealer had with the police.

  • Kayla

    wait so what’s gonna happen to Han yang????????!!!!!

  • toriniku

    omg!!!! im so sad for hanyang