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Episode 4 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 4 Engsub
Air date2017-10-17


Witch’s Court Ep 4

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  • Hajjatul Darwisyah


  • Naru22

    Woah!!!! Thanks SUBBERS ???

  • Peg02

    They should have give him ten years of prison for each victims!

    • kapoyani

      Yeah how is it really a first offense when he has done this multiplte times. First time he was caught and in his lie at that but Multiple offenses wth

  • Hajjatul Darwisyah

    awww that part when Mrs. Ma cried missing her mom on her birthday really broke my heart ;’/

    • Peg02

      Me too

      • Hajjatul Darwisyah

        that’s really heartbreaking with all those downfall tears

  • vivi

    I hope they aren’t sibling,
    I think they aren’t, but the evil lawyer had violated their mum, and I think that evil lawyer is yi deum’s dad

    • Naru22

      Siblings??? I don’t think so. What are the possibilities that made you think like that??

      • vivi

        I think both of their mum is the victim of the evil lawyer since the preview and their worry about yeo jin wook earlier this ep.

        I think the reason yideum mum stay silent for a long time is because she has a baby and yideum never meet his father, since this is krama, there always a chance that he is yideum father.

        Ofc I don’t prefer this scenario, I just hope it doesn’t happen.

        • Naru22

          Yup, I agree with your basis. But I too really hope that doesn’t happen at all. I don’t Want them to be related in that way at all.
          And many people are already guessing that she might have been the bastard mayor’s daughter. But I hope it won’t be like that. Instead I wish her mother was a witness.
          Let’s see what happens

    • Burii

      My guess is that both of their mothers are victims of that evil lawyer’s past sexual crimes and maybe in future episodes they’ll figure that out and work together to take his ass down!

      • Letícia Moreira

        Yes exactly
        And i think he wanted to join CAGU because of that

    • Letícia Moreira

      I think they are both his childs

  • Rine

    I ma not the kind of person but whenever it comes to mother/daughter stories, I cry like it’s my own story. Since I loved my mother very much, I know what it means that kind of love.

    • you can call me army

      right, like what would i do if it was me. would I be even able to live without my mom… som much more

      • Rine

        yeah to live without our mothers is really unbearable, it feels like hell every day. the kind of love that can never be replaced

  • FreeSpirit

    I’ve never really cried as much like I did now . Idk it must b me in a emotional mood but It made me think of my mom. Like if she wasn’t by my side.