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Episode 8 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 8 Engsub
Air date2017-10-31


Witch’s Court Ep 8

Synopsis of Witch’s Court Ep 8


  • Rine

    this drama is very disturbing but still I like it

  • newbooks

    hope she is alive

    • newbooks

      oh no she is dead

  • omg that guy who abuses girls (and I suspect killed the girl in the red dress) is so disgusting and needs to be in jail

    • cindydoo

      Not just jail. He needs some behind bars justice applied to him.

  • Gachip

    the young bad guy, and tae kyung did he work in andante?

    • M.Drama

      yes u r right

  • Hogwild

    Ms Ma was smart that she had all the witnesses when she accused the evil dude. This way if she is murdered or harmed people may associate him to crime. That is me being hopeful. Usually in kdrama, criminals get away with crimes until last minute.

  • you can call me army

    this drama is very disturbing but brings many of the dark problems of the society that are usually ignored despite being major problems

    • yess!!! that is why I find this drama really similar to Save Me! Both dramas even have the politician who tries to be mayor but is secretly evil. But Witch’s Court is not as dark because it has comedy.

  • Cathy Ross

    I guess this drama is mix with in real life.

  • WeroNoYume

    Noo I feel so sad for that girl… why nobody was watching over her?

  • paradox.of.fate

    I knew with the department she was transferred to it wasn’t going too be an easy watch on some episodes, but this one sickened me to my stomach. I was ready to run to the bathroom while she read her moms file. Then to watch the arrogant dick abuse 2 woman I’m sick. Can’t wait to see her find evidence on all of those sick bastards!!

  • Iwan Ridwan

    this drama provide us with beautiful girl cameos being victims…. i can stand it
    i really want all psycho or criminals in this drama get caught and be punished….

    • cindydoo

      They need their things sent through a meat grinder.

  • abc abc

    that minho guy is really hot though!

  • Ronald Harrington

    Ummmmm, can they not tell it’s a frame job??? “I killed her, hide her body 20 mi. away in the mountains…….but wait, let me leave my ID which I keep in my wallet, so take it out of the wallet and place it right next to the dead body……..there, perfect crime”

    • cindydoo

      That’s kind of their undoing, what the young dude knows is very valuable to them and him being framed – I’d squeal on the real killer. No need for friend loyalty.