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Episode 9 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 9 Engsub
Air date2017-11-06


Witch’s Court Ep 9

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  • sarah

    Thank you dramahood. M great full to you hard working individual.😘😘😘

  • cindydoo

    I don’t get the point. They are legally married, no matter why. So, it’s not a “fake” marriage like they pretended. It’s a registered marriage. So, my thought is pretty boy is being rather rude to think just because they might not have feelings for each other that it’s okay for him to mess around with her. Totally violates many cool guy rules :(!!! It’s really none of pretty boy’s business why they’re together. But it is very wrong for pretty boy to dismiss their marriage.

    • Lyn

      yeah i totally feel you but i think when they were discussing the contract they mentioned they won’t be registering their marriage

      • Zdupy

        They didn’t register their marriage and I am pretty sure they could not do even if they wanted to.

    • ⌒♡⌒

      As far as I remembered, they didn’t want to register the marriage. As Lyn said, that was something they discussed when writing the contract. So while they’re still technically married because they had a wedding, by law, their marriage isn’t recognized. But I agree, it still doesn’t give Boknam an excuse to be a douche bag and do all the things that he is doing to them nor be nosy and pry into their business.

      • Ino Yong Senpei

        I think he was trying to link them together as time goes by but I agree that its not his business

  • Iwan Ridwan

    Se Hee is considering everything when he talks or doing something eventhough there may be mistakes in his doings….:)
    “Is there any way to get inside his heart?” ==> Ji Ho now has to struggle >_<

  • Lady Moo

    U guys are the fastest!

  • Flona

    oh god he was married before?!!! i feel so bad for JH when she knows 🙁 + he is going to have a jair cut! nooo it changes his chara i like the one he has now !!

  • i didnt get the marriage registration part. was he married before? the weird part is her her name is jung so min and the name is jung min.

    • _WithJR_

      I think he either got married or was about to get married. I thought he’s been single for life but it seems like he did fall in love before @@ And that was 12 years ago!

  • Sarah

    Okay, but does anyone wanna talk about how cute his hair looks in the previews

    • amanda

      cute beyond words lololest

  • tamry

    OMG he was married before? or is it that, just like how with Ji Ho, it wasn’t registered?
    anyway, I’m in love with his new hairstyle! who am i kidding? i would love Lee Min Ki in anything xD

  • amanda

    ok ok i left a nasty comment about bok nam on meloholic i feel bad
    now, this plot twist was funny and refreshing lol i love the dad sound
    effects and how they look like the animals bok nam’s dad the lion
    The couplng for this drama is perfect won seok’s proposal was so sweet and ho rang’s tear reaction omg!
    ma on the bus broke my heart but couldn’t stop laughing at the guy
    whose phone got a tear kkkkkkkk:(:( and when he was crying in the alley
    omg i wanted to hug him he looked so vulnerable.
    Cant wait for his new look it looks
    great…..he reminds me of kim woo bin they got the same height and that
    intense look in their eyes

  • Vui


  • GreenBottles

    Everyone is saying they like Se Hee’s new hairstyle… I don’t. It looks too boyish. It also reminds me of Yoo Jung from Cheese in the Trap.

    • TatianaJoseph9620

      I agree. His old style looks more professional and polished.

      • GreenBottles

        And more manly.

  • Juniqil

    Agree with the comment below, even boknam know the truth between sehee jiho relationship, he has no excuse to involved too much.

    Well, the way sehee ask her to call him husband is precious… cant wait for tomorrow and 6 episodes ahead after this week. Cant believe its 3 week left before end:( i want moreee

  • Frankie Brown

    SPOILER: wait, what??? He got married??? And no one knew it??? What the actual heck??? O_o

  • Dramatic

    I honestly love his new hair ❤️❤️❤️ He looks so much more approachable.

  • Rose

    SPOILER KINDA — I think the wife got turned into his cat–that’s my crackpot theory about this. Either that or she died while saving the cat

  • paradox.of.fate

    Well she did ask if “one love” was enough, just failed to ask if he had it already. lol You know the previous fiance will be showing up at some point? Why oh, why does it always have to have the dreaded triangle?

  • happystar

    ROFLLL Even I fell for his joke. Oh god not use to him joking because he is always serious.

  • JustMe

    I hope he never went through with the marriage before… idk i feel like he’s betraying her by not telling her this even though it has nothing to do with her (Se See logic). Was his first love the reason for his cold attitude and cold relationship with his family? i guess we’ll be learning more of Se Hee now… Nope he aint perfect
    (so many facades to every character!)
    So the episode this week went way back up compared to last week’s two episodes. loved it.
    LOVED the scene where she describes her «relationship» to her husband (i.e. the cat’s bond to Se Hee).

  • Iwan Ridwan

    waaa, why Se Hee has a marriage registration form with someone else in 2005…. did he get married before? where is she now?

  • MAY

    I prefer his hair the way it is now as opposed to the new haircut. This style suits him better. Those man bangs aren’t for everyone. I don’t understand why a lot of male Korean celebs get that hairstyle.

  • seolkhm

    His previous hair gave him manly looks but now, nah!

  • rockstar

    how the cat goes home?